Its What I Look For...

I can't help loving women's clothes, I have been doing it since I can remember. When I watch TV and there is a lovely woman on, I look at the clothes she is wearing and wonder what they must feel like on. Today I was watching the Eurovision song contest semi-finals and there were two women hosts and all the time they were on I was looking at their dresses and thinking about how it would be if I was in those dresses. Then the contestants come on and when I see the dresses and clothes of the girls, I think about seeing them close up, touching the material and then slipping them on. I imagine what undies they are wearing and again I am wearing them in my imagination. On TV even the weather girls can't just do their job without me thinking about how their clothes feel.

Today a girl got on the train wearing a blouse, knee length black smart business skirt and shiny sheer tan tights with flat shoes..I sat for the whole journey thinking about how those clothes would feel when sitting on a train...

It is crazy, but it is a lovely crazy and I just can't help it!
SusanMarina SusanMarina
1 Response May 24, 2012

I occasionally catch myself looking at their heels, and how high they are and how sexy the heels make their legs look. And then I wonder if I would look good in the heels.

Me too! I was told off by a GF for staring at women's heels on the train platform as I walked past them and if they are on TV then it is even worse as I CAN stare!