New Jeans

So I told my wife I wanted a new pair of jeans. Something made for women, but could pass for men's. Of course, being the supportive woman that she is, she was all for it. We went to four different places before we found a very comfortable and nice pair of ladies Levi's. They are so soft and comfortable. They look like regular skinny jeans too. Why aren't men's jeans this comfortable? These are my new favorite pants.
JazzMuzee JazzMuzee
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3 Responses Dec 16, 2012

most guys seem to want them below their butt . i still have several pair of old bellbottom jeans . they are soft and fairly tight . they are almost what used to be hip huggers . they look good with my high heels . i will be wearing a pair to a family Christmas gathering today . no heels today . they wouldn't understand . :-)

I like womens jeans as well. How did you come out to your wife? Did she know before you were married?

I made sure to tell her everything when we started dating. Didn't want to start a serious relationship based on a lie. Fortunately for me, she liked the idea of me in women's clothes part time and we both love it.

I have two pairs of Ladies Levi's, in fact all of my pant's now are ladies pant's. My wife even gives me her old pair's she no longers wears. I now buy only ladies jeans they do fit better and are way more comfortable.

Thats a funny coincidence. My wife said I should wear her old ones too. Too bad I am a foot taller than her, so her petite ones are a bit short on me. I hope to expand my collection and fade out my men's jeans. These are so soft and comfortable. Only had them for one day, but I love them already.