My Love Life Is Perfect!

I wear pretty ladies' wear every day because I am an obedient, submissive, feminine sissy for my most beautiful and loving wife. She adores this site and is always looking for a place for me to share. I should be proud of being her sissy and I am, I am her pretty little tinkerbell. I wear panties and a bra everyday now and every night I wear a baby doll and panties to bed, just like a lady! I love the satin and silky nylon. I feel so feminine wearing my ladies wear and it makes me very hot and bothered. I am the pink satin and lace pleasure giver in our house, her sissy, her *****, her kisser and her licker! She calls me her tinkerbell now and gave me that name with a very special outfit.  It is a pink sissy dress with petticoats, lots of satin and lace and bows.  I keep myself smooth shaven now and I feel so prissy and girley when I put on the pink ruffled panties, matching pink garterbelt, sheer pink stockings with dainty little bows at the top. Pink pumps for my feet, over my pink polished toenails. Of course I have a matching pink bra under my sissy dress. To top it all off I have a satin and lace choker and wrist cuffs, pink with little bells on them. Hence my tinkerbell outfit!!  I love it, I get so excited prancing and modeling it for her. She grins and tells me what a pretty little tinkerbell I am. She teases me about how excited I am in my pretty pink panties because I love being her sissy and I cant hide it. Today is valentines day and I wore her favorite pink with red floral baby doll last night. I am going to work out in my pink sweats and sports bra with her after writing this and then we are off shopping!  She gets new chairs for our living room and I am going to get skirts, blouses, and a couple dresses so that I can start dressing everyday when I come home from work. I already wear panties and a bra so why not change out of my suit into something feminine and pretty as soon as I am home... I know it is only a matter of time until someone catches me as a sissy and my little secret is out and now I will have a sexy ladies wardrobe to wear.  Did I mention that I have a pretty pink bikini that I tan in. I am such a total sissy now because that is the way she wants me, I have to follow her direction, and I love being her lady. I love wearing womans clothing!!!

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2 Responses Feb 14, 2010

and then you woke up and it was all a lovely dream

im sooooo jealous