Panties, Girdle And Bra - A Development

Wearing women´s lingerie became my regular habit a long time ago. It has developed over time. Panties and pantyhose at the beginning. Then I tried stockings but did not like holdups. And the garter belts for real stockings did not work for me. So I tried girdles. For me nothing comes close to wearing a good forming obg with stockings.

I was lucky because my wife approved my girdle wearing. She agreed that my clothes fit better and my whole posture looks better. My wife wears a girdle every day. So it was wonderful to share this habit together.

One day – just out of curiosity – I tried one of my wife´s bras. What a feeling. I bought my own bra and wore it but not on a regular basis. Then something happened that made a change. When my wife found out about my bra she told me that this did not make sense and made fun of me. She told me to wear a bra I need breasts. She surprised me some days later with a set of nice silicone breasts.

What a feeling when I walk and feel the weight and bounce of “my breasts”. She made me wear them at the weekends first. Now she insists that I wear my breasts whenever possible. So I wear a girdle and stockings every day under my suit and when I come home I have to wear a bra and my breasts too. The first time when we went out and I wore my breasts I was afraid that others might notice. But now I feel at ease and do no longer care. I simply love my projection and have gathered quite a collection of beautiful bras by now. Aside from my job where I do not wear a bra I always wear a bra now.
Strumpffan Strumpffan
46-50, M
3 Responses May 10, 2012

I love to wear a bra most of all!

I just love wearing a bra with an obg and stockings. What a wonderful wife you have to buy you breast forms. Does she shop for bras with you?

We go together when shopping bras or girdles either for me or for her.

Glad your wife is supportive and bought you your first pair of silicone breast forms. I agree I enjoy the weight and bounce of my breast forms, they made me really like wearing bras.