Tan Lines

After growing breasts, my mistress thought I should have a one piece female's swim suit as breasts were to stay white and untanned.

A mans body does not really lend itself to a one piece womans swim suit especially at the hips/buttocks. However, I was informed the purpose was not for me to look good, but rather to have tan lines that a woman would have.  She and I met several times during the spring and summer, and I had to wear it outdoors in order for the sun to create the proper lines.  Other people enjoyed seeing me in it as I cut the lawn and did other chores while getting some sun shine.   The tan lines lasted well into October, and caused for some comments if I was not wearing a top.
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You said so

That is so sexy. Do you slide them back up in the cavity and tuck your tiny soft penis to create a nice femine V?

How dare you think I have a soft smal penis?

did some one tell you?

oh, yes, hairy balls is gross, even if shriveled

estrogen shrunk them pretty small

and a bikini wax, too, maybe go brazilian or just leave a little landing patch

including balls and whats left of a ****?

Oh, you need to have no hair on those full heavy womanly breasts, never ever.

or on my legs so that all know I am femme

They could identify with you, as they saw the shape of your boobs fully shown by the clinging wet t shirt and your nipples poking through the thin wet fabric like little hard erasers. So very sexy

bare chested in stem room--reallyshould become hair free

I bet you put on quite a nipple show in your wett shirt and that there more than one hardon in the steam room

yes, the wet shirt some how clung to bumps on my chest. Its amazing how the women in the coed steam room stare more than the men

Plus, you could not be out topless now that you are full-busted

I often keep a tee shirt on if I try swimming. But have been topless in a steam room