Weeping Willows Along The Riverbank.

My mom has numerous weeping willow trees along the riverbank of her farm. They are higher than three stories and several hundred years old like all of the trees around the farmhouse. I have always loved them...
The way their branches cascade to the ground and into the water.
The way they grow, sturdy and enduring....Though the waters have eroded them to their tangled roots and some are leaning and dipping into the murky waters now....Some day they will no longer stand as the silent sentinels they are....Watching the world go on around them...Harbouring birds...Scampered upon by squirrels....Clambered upon by children...Alas no children climb them now...There are none....Perhaps...*smiles* Some day there shall be....
People say do not plant willows. Their roots invade water drains and basements....But their majesty is not disputable. They remind me of waterfalls....I love weeping willows. Why do they cry? I do not know...But I think they laugh in cascades too. *beams* Thank you. If you know why they cry, please tell me..*dances away, spinning, and whirling....*
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There is something magical about these trees. I've always had a soft spot for them. :)

my favorite trees . . . for so many reasons . . . and I am mesmorized every time I see one . . . thanx for this "Ode to" dedication . . . such lovely memories my sister . . . thank you . . . 8D

im so glad you posted this..i am a lover of trees too..maybe the weeping is the melodic songs they whisper when the wind blows through their leaves n branches..your post brought back memories of my euphoric bliss taking in the breeze n hearing their hauntingly melonchollic sounds..i dont meet very many folks that stop to appreciate these types of beauty in nature..very awesome

I love weeping willows My cousins grandpa had a couple there are still a few around my area. I ahve a picture of one I am now inspired to post.

maybe they weep because of your beautiful story you wrote about them

I have a yard full of them

I know not why they weep...perhaps for the children who no longer come to play?

There are always reasons to weep. Perhaps they miss the first birds who settled and then never came back the following season. Or maybe they just have an awful lot of sap due to all the drinking they do, and it drips. Maybe they aren't weeping at all, but seeping.

*giggling uncontrollably* Not nearly so poetic though is it?

Poetry is so much more poetic than science, don't you think?


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