A 14 year old boy once broke into Buckingham Palace and stole Queen Victoria's underwear! xD
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was he some sort of a ninja to sneak into the palace and steal precisely an underwear? this boy will be some sort of a great thieve

Bear in mind this took place in the Victorian era, past tense. The person wasn't named - he could be a mastermind, you just never know!

he couldn't climb walls, he must have had a team for the 'job'.

or become 'invisible' to the guards

There are many possibilities, however I do not possess any extra information, other than what was mentioned above, therefore I'm unable to provide you with any conclusions apart from what I ASSUME could be correct.

im sure someday they will make a movie about it

You never know what will happen.

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XD why did he do that?

I wish I knew the answer!

Was she wearing it at the time?

I assume she wasn't

I would've told my friends : yeah I got it on with the queen ;)

Wait.. What?

Ohhhhh nothing

Oh. If you was that 14 yo, you would have falsely claimed that you had intercourse with the Queen.. Darn, that's gross.. :3


As I said, not necessarily.
You haven't heard the whole story poop!

'Twas a joke.

Indeed. A terrible joke xD

And I wasn't talking about the boy in your story, but the dude two posts down. o.o ;D

Haha, I knew it!!!

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That's a weird fact... the boys a pervert

Not necessarily.
We are unaware of the reason why he stole undergarments, instead of anything else. Don't be too quick to judge without hearing the story first!

Well 1) he could be a pervert 2) it was a dare by one of his friends or 3) he wanted money from eBay

Excuse me darling. eBay was created on September the 3rd 1995, Queen Victoria died in 1901. I think not.

Dang it!.. might've given it to his sons or something tell them where he got it and who it belonged to

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