Weird Is The New Normal

in my own personal opinion, i think that weird is the new norm.
There are much more weird people than normal people and now it's weird to be normal.
i used to think weird people were just crazy. i tried it and i LOVED it! i have so much more fun than i used to just being weird.

now i say hi to random people i dont even know and once in a while i go up to a stranger and tell them happy birthday, when i actually have no clue when there bday is at all- try it- its so much fun!
i also enjoy having an online conversation with myself- the best!
here: this will probably help you figure out just how weird i am:

My List of Random Things to Try Before I Kick the Bucket

· Have a picnic on the roof (I've wanted to do this since I was eight! No joke!)
· Eat tomatoes with sugar sprinkled on top
· Eating a peanut butter and ham sandwich…and yes, that means the peanut butter and the ham together
· Make a snowman except using broccoli for its nose, not a carrot
· Sing into two microphones at once!! (Or three, if you prefer!)
· Eat pretzels in mashed potatoes (this is soooooo good! Trust me!!!)
· Bake, and then eat cupcakes/cake out of a cake mix and one can of 7 up/Sprite/orange Crush (JUST the cake mix, not eggs or milk or whatever the package says to put in)
· Eat a grilled cheese sandwich with tuna inside
· Eat a grilled cheese sandwich with a tomato inside
· Eat a grilled cheese sandwich with jam/jelly spread on top
· Eat a grilled cheese sandwich with tune inside AND jam/jelly spread on top
· Make multiple lists of the following: My List of Random Things to Try Before I Die, Things that Smell Good, Things that Taste Good, Awesome Singers list, Things that Scare Me list, Things that Make Me Smile list and Annoying People list
· Have an online conversation with yourself
NorthernLites1 NorthernLites1
18-21, F
Aug 3, 2010