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People Are Strange When You Are A Stranger

I have been told by more than a few people, that people say I'm strange? I am attractive, intelligent, kind and confident, a very loyal friend, and loyal lover. I have a circle of friends from all walks of life and love them all. I can sit with some of my friends and drink Earl Grey Tea under a shady tree, we will get out our knitting and have an intellectual conversation, and I will have a good time, I know how to dress properly and behave for any occassion and fit in with the norm of society, I cut a good image, men say I have very naughty blue eyes and a naughty smile, I get lots of compliments from men especially and I like the way they look at me and fantisize. I also enjoy going to a real "Dive" where I can dance the night away and drink alcohol till I'm spinning, just letting my hair down, but I know how to get back on track the next day and resume my responsibilities. If you took me or go with me to the museam for example - we will have a good time as well - I have had many let downs and hardships in life - but who has not had those times? and yes I do have bad days, where one just feels down in the dumps, but that has not got in my way of loving life and people. I do have an attraction for the more dangerous side of life and could never be the all time goody goody - all of the time, (don't misunderstand me here, I will not steal or murder or hurt people or condone things that's just really a no no, I do have limits as to what I will do and not do). I guess I am a bit more on the wild side, but I just don't know why people say that I am a very strange person - why? What am I doing that I am not aware of?
seacrets seacrets 46-50, F 1 Response Apr 17, 2012

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Hello, I am very weird! lol