Nobody Is So Weird That Others Cant Identify With Them

I have a magnet in my head that attracts me to the weirdest person(s) in any situation. I can often tell just by looking at you. You cant pass, no matter how normal you think you look. I prefer you, you are me.
laniferous laniferous 36-40, F 9 Responses Apr 18, 2012

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I gave up trying to "pass" for normal a long time ago. Strangely enough, people like me better this way.

I thought I learned how to fake it for work, and I guess I still can to an extent, but it bleeds through and it becomes obvious with just a little time. But who cares, right?

I'm not making enough to try to act normal. I think that would take $15 an hour, with medical bennies.

I knew there was a reason I like you so much!

You know it. We can always find eachother.

This is great...I think I have the same magnet. Personally it makes life much more interesting. Glad my magnet drew me to you on ep :}

me too. I'm meeting two EPers next week- I wish you were one of them-¢:

How fun! I wish I was one of them too :} You have to tell me how it goes.

I'm subconsciously drawn to weird people as well. lol

Hence the add ¢:

heh heh

weird is good . makes the person not so boring . unique in their own ways . interesting . Hah . i love being weird , different . thank you for liking weird people . with how you said it . to me you are saying its ok to be weird . i will accept you for who you are unconditionally . shows true quality in you . at what type of person you are. a caring person with a great sense of humor . thank you for being you and liking us weird ones ! .

I can relate to this weird-dar you have. I'm often able to detect if someone is weird within a very short time frame. But they're rarely my kind of weird.

Hah! What kinds are you looking for?

Geez,Lani,the way you've set it up,if you thought me normal it would seem like a "diss"-sorry Charlie,only weird people get to be...still,I've never put alot of worry into whether I'm considered NORMAL,whether thats considered good or bad.Certainly there is a wide spectrum of folks I like(spectrum sounds so clinical!) and who call me friend.

No not a diss, but I do tend to make more ladting bonds with the more extreme weirdos of the world.

Thanks for making me question myself.

Yr weird, hermey. I wouldnt have muckled onto you if you werent.

I know... I know... I'm thinking I'm getting more weird every year I live.