Im Weird

My friends always told me that Im weird,,I always ask question that they didnt know or maybe no one knows,,I care for others to highest level of being worried even i didnt know the real name of a person. Im worried too much for a little things. I always touch every cats in the street even the reaction of my friends is BIG IIIWWW..My bestfriends is all my cats. I dont eat breakfast, Im just reading bible every morning. I dont know if Im hungry or not. Sometimes I like being alone. I travel alone and talk to a strangers about their problems then I get worried about them,,ahaha..Too concern kills me...
When Im sad I watch romance or comedy moviesss or I listened to random music,,,I sketch but I hate to use pencil,I used ink. and I dont like to keep it... I always join competition that no one knows bec I want to be an artist in arts someday... I get mad when someone lied to me even its white lies. When I hate someone I talk to them and tell them that I hate you,,ahaha,,,(bad,im not Im just weird, I think =)
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:o This is almost Identical to me.

really! ahaha...

Very close. :)

its great!!! =D

Yes it is. :) So you're not alone in the weirdness LOL.

ahaha,,,I thought Im unique,,ahaha..your username is a little bit familiar =D

Nods, I use my username on a few sites. :)

it is the only site that I use,,,ahaha,,I already remember you,you answered one of my question,,ahaha,,

Oh, I might have I get bored and just answer random questions.

yep,like I do now,ahaha =)))

Yes It's a good time waster and friend maker. :P

ahaha,,yes it is,I always waste my time in here =)))

Same it's good. Only thing is I'm freezing.

ahaha,,I experienced that some times then you will get bored answering question and no one online in your circle,,ahaha...

Nods that get really boring then. :(

ahaha,,but its a part of this site,,ahaha =)))

Yes an unfortunate part of it.

=D ahaha,,accept it =D

But I don't want to. ;(

come on,you have to,,ahaha,,we are living in different part of this world =D

Ok, If I have to.

=D nice,,ahaha =)))



What time is it there?

its 11:25pm,,ahaha,,I have to go =) thanks for your time till next time =D

Ok, No problem I enjoyed chatting.

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You remind me of me l.....except the cat part:D

really =) for others im a little bit boring,,ahaha... =D