If Being Abnormal Is The New Norm, Is Being Normal The New Abnorm?

Take one moment and think about it, look around you, look at the "normal" people in your life, and don't you ever wonder "What's wrong with those people? No one is normal".

I know I'm not, and I'm definitely one of those "normal" looking people in my life. This site seemed interesting, because honestly the way my brain functions, I know that the thoughts I have are very abnormal and I'm just faking my way through life acting like a non-socially-awkward person - which I really am.

I have a story, everyone has a story, some are boring, some are deep, dark and twisted. I think I fall into the later category, but I'm just curious about something. Does anyone else feel, like they're ever just working through the motions of acting socially normal in society? Like if people could read your brain they would think you're a total weirdo, intead of the "pretty girl next door" or the "hot dumb jock".

I know I am, and as I've gotten older in my life, I've realized just how weird I am, and how thankful I am for the few people in my life who know how weird I am and still stick around. Most people just shrug it off and walk away because once they realize the truth, the illusion is gone... but like I said, is there anyone else out there, who is just hiding, and really wished they could embrace their weirdness? Or do you feel it might just drive you insane.

- Lonely Girl
Dreyachan Dreyachan
Dec 1, 2012