You Wouldn't Know It To Look At Me

But I like being with people considered "weird". I don't like normalcy, but from the time I was a teen to now I've kind of followed the rules and put on the look of conformity. My nod to weirdness in myself is wearing odd socks and coloring my hair (for physical appearance anyhow). I want to be friends with someone who likes weird things like me. I'm a middle aged mother and wife who does not like to cook, does not like crafts, nor sewing, nor scrap-booking. I'm unconventional and wonder if this is why I don't have friends. I can't find anyone in my neighborhood who's my age that likes being different. Too many people follow trends and styles. Gossiping about the celebrity scandals and stuff.

Again... I really need a friend who likes to be different too.
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you're not alone.i find all the 'normal' stuff that women of our age are supposed to like boring.i'm a can't cook,won't cook,hate that all people seem to talk about is celebs and what's happening in the soaps[i don't watch them] i get a lot of my clothes from charity shops coz i don't care what's in fashion,and i dye my hair purple.when people tell me i'm too old to be dressing the way i do and having purple hair i just say that at my age i can dress exactly as i want ;-]

I like weird stuffs too, i was told that i watch strange movies.

I like watching strange and quirky movies. though I haven't watched very many (haven't watched a whole lot of any movies lately though).

What was the strangiest movie you ever seen?

probably not as strange as what you've seen. but the strangest one I've seen so far is a little Japanese movie called "Killer Bride's Perfect Crime". It was strange and cute at the same time. Though I don't think a lot of others would agree with me on the 'cute' part. :/

It depends, what was the cute part?

the whole movie I thought was strangely cute. But it was just an all around eccentric movie by traditional standards. Though from watching the trailer it doesn't seem all that odd. hmm...

Hum, i'll check it

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