They Tend To Have More Interesting Conversations

I don't like the word weird, it has come to have negative connotations. I prefer the word different. I like people that are different. I think that they are more interesting. They usually can carry on a more interesting conversation anyway.
I find discussing celebrities and the like boring. I would rather talk about what the world would be like if some other animal had climbed to the top of the chain instead of us. I like to discuss what type of aliens are out there and what it would be like if they actually made contact. I like talking about the things that the "average" person would either find boring or ridiculous. People that are different like me are more likely to get into that sort of conversation.
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1 Response Jan 17, 2013

I agree with you completely. A friend once asked how my morning was going, and I told her I spent it riding an inter galactic unicorn stopping on many different planets and finally settling on the moon to have lunch with Jesus. What else could I be doing, right? Lol. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for reading my story. I like people that are different and have a sarcastic streak the most. They make life interesting and amusing at the same time.