Because Being Normal Is Boring

I have felt different pretty much all my life. Since little.

I always did the strangest things. I said funny things, jumped from high places acted like a maniac at times. But I was just being me. And being me means being original. But no one is like that today. They have to act cool and put on a facade. Why is that? I love people who is brave enough to be original. To take chances and do random stuff. My friends are weird too.
If everyone was normal, it'd be a pretty boring world to live in.

Deepess Deepess
22-25, F
2 Responses Jan 23, 2013

I totally agree with you be yourself as long as you dont harm anyone.

Weird is awesome, I've always found most "normal" things to be stranger than most things people call me weird for anyway. I think most of the 'normal' people who call us on all the things they find weird are just jealous of the awesomeness of us weirdos. Besides, normal rarely ever has any interesting results.