Stretched Vagina

 It seems that your wife has adjusted to a Large Penis.... This happened after having on going relationship with an endowed man and then going with someone small or average size. I lost the love of my life because of that reason after getting with a big endowed Jerk, My Fiance notice me looser and I couldn't tight his penis anymore as he was used to..... I had to confess my other relationship and finally he came to the conclusion that I had STRETCHED to the point I couldn't go back for average guy anymore...... So ladies make sure that if you update to a larger size keep in that category forever.. The BIGGER the LOOSER you may get!!!!!! HAPPY Humping

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Uggg I hate that term "stretched out" when referring to my private area. Even though I am down there (MY hubbyy is extrememly large and we make love all the time). However if we stopped it would go back.

Where did you hear this b.s.? The woman you were with just wasn't interested in sex with you. It has nothing to do with the size of a larger man. There are women who prefer larger men but if you suck in bed it doesn't matter if you are big or small, you have to know how to use what you have. Blaming a woman's lack of desire for you has nothing to do with a large penis. Though it does add to the equation.

It goes back just like it does after having a baby. There is no difference. If you like a larger penis, it is your choice. I can understanding not wanting someone who is smaller after having someone who is larger but it does not ruin you from having enjoyable sex with someone who is smaller.

if you had my **** - you could never go back xxx

Yeah, I am a guy that is what I consider average in size, yet told that I am above average. But anyways I love to use large toys, lots of fingers and even fist on my wife and she can still be pinky tight. She does her kegels everyday, multiple times a day. But if you choose not to do the kegels then you will become loose. Its not even that hard to do. no one even knows your doing them.

That's just bad news for the rest of us

That's just bad news for the rest of us

No, it's not, you can kegel yourself back to virgin tightness if you work on it long enough. How do you think a woman can squeeze out something the size of a watermelon and still be able to please her man enough to conceive a dozen more?

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is that true?