Ooo Nooo

im sitting here right now and my pee keeps fllowing into my diaper i dont know if its going to hold it all i had already taken a poop so im ushing it around on my bum i dont like it as much as a wet diaper
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2 Responses Dec 3, 2012

hey cool man, I like wearing diapers too! I'm always afraid to pee too much in them though because they'll leak. Maybe I just have crappy ones haha. What kind do you wear?

cool, I still haven't found a good kind. I use Goodnites pull-ups but they don't hold a lot
try pooping more you might end up liking it, it's kind of thrilling :)

sure! Message me if you want

Wetter is better. The messy stuff is, well, a mess to clean up. Give me a big yellow stain any day.