Love Wetting My Panties...

I adore wetting (and soiling) myself, but wetting in particular, as its less hastle to clean up, is something I tend to do every single day.

Even If I'm not really* planning on doing it, I like to ensure I let a lot 'dribble' out into the front of my panties, after I've finished peeing. I useually tend to wear female panties, and even if I'm not wearing my pretty female panties, I'm wearing female cotton 'brief' style panties, every day; I'll useually put a female 'pad', into the front, as I can wet it more then, without it going through into my jeans, and being ovvious, which means I can do all my day to day stuff, and still be wearing my wet panties, underneath my male clothes.

I adore the smell too, when it starts getting a bit dried and stale, on the panties, and on the pads, I always thought it weird that I found the smell of stale wee quite so erotic, and such a turn on...

Currently I'm s sitting here, in a pair (two actually, one over the other), of cotton briefs, whcih I've been wetting and soiling now, for nearly two weeks, and the smell of the pee on them, and the pad inside, is just such a tun-on... The things we do for 'kicks' eh...?
eusarian eusarian
31-35, M
Jan 19, 2013