On September 1st I was arrested for public disturbance. And I've always had jail fantasies, so, I finally got to have it come true. People say jail is bad, well it is an it isn't. When I was put in my cell, my cellmate Jordan, who was put away for rape (lucky me) and I got along quite well. We were getting to know each other at a nice pace, playing cards daily. I guess one day he caught me wanking...big mistake, because I wasn't wanking...I had a ***** through my jumpsuit. So, he came down and I thought he'd be all gentle. Well I was wrong. To my surprise, he basically covered me in **** and drenched me, and then barebacked me hard. I mean even for something as small as public disturbance I'd do anything to get put back in there, because I don't care what people think, if you really have fantasies about it, then jail isn't as bad as it seems when you first hear about it. But I can say, him ******* on me was just amazing, and I really would do it again. was a lot of ****...and it just felt so good.

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actually I think the american rights system is 'sh*t', but in your case it seems you liked the result. but be careful, if you do it again to get there again, they might not put you in the same cell and even if so, he might not be there any more.

can you please tell a bit more about all that?
how old is he and what exactly happened?
did he just stand in front of you and then pee on you or did he know you liked it and asked you if you want a golden shower or what?
and I wonder how can he do that and bareback you, wasn't there an officer outside checking what went on inside?
also I wonder how come they put you in a cell with a rapist.
hope you go more in details :-)