I am sitting at the computer right now with a very full bladder with no panties on under my sweats. I want to know where i should pee in the house and wearing what if anything. If no one responds in time I will just have to pee where i sit. comment fast as I am already rocking back and forth :P options for where in my house: my bedroom. my bathroom. downstairs bathroom. downstairs guest room or guest room bathroom. kitchen.

also i would appreciate tales of your guys' favorite places to pee and clothing to wear while doing it.
conster conster
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In my mouth let me drink it all

Great story. I enjoyed it enormously.

I'd vote for my lap....but I guess I'm too late.

It would be lovely just to see you very very desperate.
As for where, Anywhere you like, as long as it's in your clothes, and you make your trousers very wet, and your socks n shoes wet.
Just to hear you make that little groan as you pee yourself - oh wow - wood alert.

Speak soon about this


I love to be desperate. I love the struggle to hold it in then saying to myself yes now it's time forget holdin it I just wanna **** all over myself then letting go, the warmth spreading. Ahh it's such a great feeling when those panties get warm and damp and then the warmth traveling down my legs

How nice that must feel
I'm sorry I've been out of touch- been so busy with parents - but, one day soon, we will get to chat with each other.

Mark xx

did you use your potty as lube and play with your kitty a bit?

No I did before I released though. Did it a little while dribbling

Mmm next time do it while your going as soon as you notice your having an accident.....perhaps a diaper would be in order? Would help capture the mmmmm warmth of your wetness

Diapers aren't for me I like the feeling of wetting the clothes

Mmmm me2

I wish you lived near me we could have some wet fun

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In my mouth :)