My Whale Tail.... I Am A Guy

I have found a new sexual arousing thing to do that enhances my panty fetish further (I wish to thank CURIOUSTHONG for the idea).
I had Monday off work and wore shorts for the first time with a VS VString underneath... (normally I wear my thongs well hidden under my work clothes ). The feeling of exposing my thong was thrilling as I walked into Barnes and Noble. Since I have lost weight my shorts r very loose fitting with the thong riding above the shorts and only my shirt covering the peach colored VString.
I found a teen gurl studying upstairs, positioned myself pretending to look at books, squatted to look at a book on the lowest level and made sure my thong was visible to everyone.
WHAT A THRILL, I know she saw my peach colored feminine VString cause she smiled as I walked past her , I was shakimg with excitement. I had revealed my secret to a female!!!! I felt so naughty cause it felt wrong. BUT, I told myself I was doing nothing wrong
Legally. I could easily cover up in seconds. WhenI got to the parkimg lot I saw a MILF getting out of her car and decided to squat again pretending to look at my car. I think she saw my thong too, so exciting. So incredible the feeling!!!!
VstringMan VstringMan
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1 Response May 5, 2012

i was sporting one last night. i also have lost weight i ran in the grocery store real quick to grab a few items and my pants dropped down a few inches while walking to the front i let them stay there and i know i got a few smiles for passer byes. i loved it.