I Was the Other Man

I posted this story in another category but I think it fits better here. 

Yes. Its a fantasy of mine to watch my wife ***** and su ck another man and I experienced it twice. It was unbelievable during and after (see 3 on a beach and a fantasy come true)


But this story is about me being the other man.

I live and work in a regional city about 150 Kilometres from the capital city of our state. My head office is located there and I was required to spend some time at HO working on a project. I would travel home on weekends.

Time would fly when at work because there was so much to do and I was enjoying the work and getting paid more money. It was all good.

But after work, it was lousy, There is only so much TV you can watch and I get bored with myself pretty quickly.

So one night I ventured out of my hotel room and visited a nearby pub. I had been there before and it had a nice atmoshere and sometimes some nice delectable eye candy. I had never touched but the viewing was good for the soul.

I had been there for some time and had about 3 beers sitting at one of those tables that are about chest high you can sit on a stool or just stand at them. I was doing both, generally people watching and listening to the music from the juke box.

I had just about made up my mind to wander back to my room, perhaps some phone sex with the wife and off to sleep. then I thought perhaps I would select one last song on the jukebox maybe another beer and then I would be off.

So I'm standing in front of the music machine trying to make up my mind to play a ballad or something when next thing a women is standing next to me looking at the list of songs. She mentioned that there were so many songs but she liked the slow easy listening ones the best. So I said "hey I haven't made any selections, go ahead pick one or two it's on me"

She said " I can't do that it's your money" Doesn't worry me I replied. "OK" she said "but let me buy you a drink" "I see that you are drinking beer"

It seemed like a fair exchange to me I wonder whilst thinking how did she know I was drinking beer.

Songs selected I returned to my table whilst the lady ordered drinks at the bar, She made her way to the table with  drinks in hand with a man walking beside her she introduced me to her husband Terry. I had an immediate sense of disappointment.

 I had imagined this lady who was now introducing herself as Laura as coming on to me.

Ah what the heck "get over it Al" I said to myself. She looks a nice lady and the way his arm rested on her shoulder spoke of an easy and comfortable familiarity. They looked a nice couple.

About early to mid forties perhaps he a little bit older.Laura was not what you would describe as a classic beauty perhaps even a bit girl next door type. Shoulder length blond hair, a snug dress to just above her knees that seemed to highlight her breasts and Ar se.

Her cleavage suggested hidden treasures. Perhaps 5' 6". tall. with a smile that just beamed.

Terry looked like he would be more at home doing your tax return or accepting your returned library book. About 3 inches taller wore glasses. But then again so do I. Terry wore slacks and an opened necked shirt and he looked pretty fit.

Mild disappointment aside we got to talking. Terry and I discovering many similarities. Both on our second marriage , both with 3 kids followed the same football team and according to Laura we shared the same warped sense of humor.

I was about to discover that we shared a particular fantasy.

Laura excused herself to go the ladies room. Terry's demeanor changed immediately. He stood closer to me and said "Don't get me wrong Al" "I keep noticing that you are constantly staring at Laura's Cleavage" I bet I reacted like a kid with his hand caught in the cookie jar. I guess I stuttered and stammered probably tried to deny any thing and likely said "Iwas,nt checking out her arse as well"

Terry laughed at my discomfort and said "Its OK" "no need to run" "AL" he said "I get a great deal of pleasure knowing another man is attracted to Laura"

"As a matter of fact" he continued "We came here tonight hoping to find someone to share some erotic time with. He went on to say that thay had spotted me earlier on in the evening and had watched me from the other side of the bar.To see if I was alone and generally checked me out. Laura took a closer look when I was at the Juke box.

I must have passed muster because Terry said "Al", "If your not interested that's fine" I'll just walk away, collect Laura who is waiting in the other bar and we'll go back to our hotel room and fu ck and fantasize on what might have been.


But If you are interested then remember. Laura sets the rules what she says goes. If she wants stop, we stop.

"Terry" I said it would be my pleasure and before we leave this pub I want to share something with you and Laura.

We met with Laura in the next bar and for the next 10 minutes I told them about my fantcasy of watching my wife suck and **** other men. Of what I loved to see and experience. The sight of another mans co ck disappearing up my wife's cu nt, watching his *** run down her legs, enjoying the exquisite silky seconds and having an erection that hard it hurts. I was reliving the experience so much I almost *** in my pants.

We walked the two blocks to their hotel, Trying to stay calm I'm sure every person we walked past knew what we were up to.

A typical hotel room with a double bed a small lounge and an adjoining room with a toilet and shower.

Laura excused herself and went to the adjoining closing the door behind herself.

Terry sat himself on the small lounge and I stood around awkwardly. I did,nt know whether to sit on the bed or sit next to Terry.

Laura saved me by entering the room. Still fully dressed but having removed her high heal shoes. She came to me and placed her arms around my neck my first reaction was that she was shorter than I first thought.

Laura pulled my head down to her mouth and she kissed my softly but with an open mouth.

She wispered to me "Terry wants you to undress me" I ran my hands accross her back and failing to find any zipper or buttons I was at a momenary lose. Iwas thinking I would lift her dress over her head when I discovered her dress had  buttons down the front of her dress.

I stepped back and slowly undid each button starting at the bottom. Buttons undone I slipped the dress off her shoulders. There was no light on in the room but there was enough light coming through the window to reveal a pair of black panties that covered all but somehow revealed all. a matching bra that only covered the bottom half of her ti ts.

Laura reached for my shirt that was off in an instant within seconds I was completely naked. Laura sat on the bed and placed her hands around my co ck and said "Terry his **** is bigger than yours" "I' bet he is going to stretch my little cu nt to the limit. I bthink my co ck is about average 6 or 7 inches and I can get my hand around it OK. bUt to hear Laura talk I must have been hung like a horse.

But Terry was asking her to discribe it and what it was going to do to her. Laura kissed it, stroked it, suc ked it. all the time telling Terry that I was going the ram it all the way up to the hilt and making her scream for more. That I was going to fill her cu nt with my cu m.

I somehow had managed to remove her bra and was hoping that I would'nt c um to quickly. To help I stepped back and pushed Laura back onto the bed. I placed my hands on her hips and removed her panties. I saw a neatly trimmed cu nt that told me her blond hair was,nt original.

I crawled onto the bed and palced my hands on her knees and separated her legs and buried my face right on her mound. My tongue instantly sought out her clitoris and holding on to her ar se  I licked and sucked I buried my fingers as far as could.

The whole time Laura discribed to Terry what I was doing. She certainly had a turn of phrase.

"When are you going to fu ck her"? Terry said "Show me how you are going to fill  up her cu nt" " I want to see how you stretch her" "Come on put it in" and Fu ck, Fu ck, Fu ck her.

So I did, I rode I buried my co ck as far as I could, I suc ked her ti ts I nibbled her neck and I fu cked her. We slapped our bodies so hard together  we almost came off the bed. The whole Terry was urging me to fu ck, ***** her cu nt.

 When I came I could feel her cu nt wrap around my coc k it was a tight as a fist.

Some rare times you know when your co ck just does'nt go soft it stays hard. this was one of those times. I straddled her and fu cked her ti ts. she sucked my co ck she was insatiable.

***** me again she was whispering.

Terry "he is going to ***** me again" "come closer Terry help him fu ck me"

Terry was on the bed and I noticed he was now naked. By now I am Fu cking Laura but much more subdued and slowly back and forth to the encouragement of Terry.

Terry is leaning across me and has his hand placed between our legs and feeling my coc k slip in and out. Its the first time a male hand has been on my co ck but I'm feeling relaxed about it.

From somewhere Terry produces a cream and squirts some accross my back and starts to massage my back. I, m still slowly fu cking f ucking when Terry starts to rub cream over my ar se. when a finger slips in I hesitate, I'm not sure about this. Laura whispers its OK he won't hurt you. ***** me. I can feel you ***** me.

Terry's finger is creating sensations I hav'nt experienced before. I' m getting into this. I'm thinking I'll see what happens,

Terry is astride us both and I can feel his co ck rubbing mine. Then I feel the head of his c ock against my ars e  a gentle push and his coc k head slips in. I feel a momentary sharp sensation then I'm aware he is all the way in. I have stopped fu cking Laura and she is holding me still for Terry.

I have never been fuc ked in the ar se before or since. But Terry came in my Ar se that night and it was a wonderful fantastic experience.

I did not see him fu ck Laura that night and I get the impression that both were more interested in fu cking me..

I was that fu cked I had the next day of work.

Never saw them again


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Awesome story to read.. had me hooked from the beginning!!!

getitup : U hit on 2 things i would love 2 do . #1 Get it in the *** while nailing the wife . #2 Lay on my back as he is doing her doggy style and lick both of them till they both fill my mouth !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some people have all the fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OH yes! That is a common fantasy. That you lived it is fantastic. Thanks for sharing.


1 HOTTTTTTT STORY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!