Kerrville Folks Festival

This didn't happen at a beach but this group needed a story.

I went out to the Kerrville Folk Festival with some friends a few years ago. We set up a sweet camp site with everything you could want for the weekend. Other friends were meeting us there and our campsite ended up being about 8 or 9 tents with about 18 or 20 friends. The neighboring campsites were very close so we all just blended in together. The crowd was eclectic and the sense of community was amazing. It didn't matter that our group was a mix of butch lesbians, clean cut gay guys, straight couples, and singles. The crowd around us was open and just as mix-matched as we were.
It was my first trip to the festival so my roommates at the time took me for a walk around the camp site. They already knew a few people from other sites so we visited them and met new people along the way. We were toting a bottle of bourbon and cokes - mixing warm drinks along the way.We were all getting kinda buzzed when we met a firefighter from near Boston. He played guitar and he and his friends invited us to join them around the fire. They didn't have enough chairs so I ended up sitting on the ground a few feet away from the guys that were playing guitar. The firefighter took his spot right in front of me. When he spread his legs and put the guitar across his lap, I had a clear view up his shorts leg. He was going commando and there was plenty of light for me to get a good view of what was hanging between his legs. When he played, he tapped his foot so his **** and balls were moving about. I got turned on watching him and had to be careful to hide my hardon when we got up to leave. I visited that campsite numerous times over the weekend. He never war underwear and didn't seemed to care that I was looking. I got a few more sightings that weekend but none were as good looking and endowed.
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36-40, M
Jan 8, 2013