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I've posted this before, but find it appropriate for this group. Please give me your tips and advice to help make this become true.
My wife and I have been married for over 20 years and enjoy a very active, fulfilling and healthy sex life. I love to take my wife out on 'dates' and really love showing her off. She's convinced that she's no better than average in looks and is really unhappy with her (very) small breasts, but she gets plenty of looks and I am more than satisfied with all she has to offer.
My fantasy involves us going out for a night on the town and visiting the local Hard Rock for drinks and mingling at the bar. There are always plenty of new interesting people to meet and just the right amount of regulars that we feel comfortable and can relax. My wife denies it, but as I said previously, she gets her share of looks from the guys (and some gals, but that's for later), and although it makes me somewhat jealous, it also gets me very, very excited. Now, the first time I noticed how excited I was by the attention other guys were paying my wife, I was really surprised. I am still too jealous to see my wife have sex with another man, but it would be a really great turn on for me to be able to watch her make out with a stranger, have us separate for the rest of the evening and then meet again later that night in our bed. The absolute greatest part of this, my ultimate fantasy, would be that I find a hot dripping ******** oozing through her panties when I gone down on her to eat her *****.

I have mentioned parts of this fantasy to my wife on occasion and she always giggles and says I'm crazy, or that I'm nasty.

I'm working to fulfil this fantasy and we will are planing a night out this Friday with a visit to the Hard Rock. Please let me know what you think of my fantasy and please, please give me any tips you may have that could help me fulfil this fantasy. They will all be appreciated.
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Sounds great !! Hope you show a pic of her ?

Great story and I agree with horny2play69 remarks about bringing things along in stages. My wife is very conservative and everything we do is a work in progress. As far as being with another man, I think the first thing for us (that you may want to consider to) is to watch a **** flick with another man and both him and I can watch naked, whether my wife decides to touch will be up to her.........

Hi Cpie - WOW - very HOT and well explained. No offense, but I got hard and was leaking precum. Yes, there could be a way to have this fantasy take place. Obviously, even with your wife denying she is interested or would want to try anything; she is telling you by giggling that deep down there is an interest. She like to go to Hard Rock. You have to focus on a low level area that your wife might or would tolerate, such as flirting and / or some friendly touching. One way you could control this where you are jealous, is to have a close friend she is comfortable with and her guard is down; get involved in helping bring this fantasy to a success. Making comments about her breast, legs, butt etc. is really a turn on will move this forward. Around close friends who have been in your house, she will be relaxed, may dress down and show off her body more and he can exploit that moving toward your goal. She will take it in and even if she rebuffs it some ( my boobs are too small or nobody thinks I am hot ) - the seed is being planted in her head and she will move along. Bring her along in stages. If she finds your buddy is attractive; he could become the guy that fulfills your fantasy and you won't be jealous enough to prevent it from happening. That's my opinion but it can work. Sometimes, trying to push her into it, may be your fantasy but not hers or she may get something out of it to have your fantasy fulfilled. Women will look at your fantasy from a different perspective than a guy would. Good luck and hopeful something in what I said may help you !

You are welcome and feel free to email me within EP so we can get more specific, etc.