Water Park.

This was a while ago. Me and my wife decided to go to a theme park with water sports. 

On that day, I urged my wife to wear sleaveless top, the top she chose was loose near her armpits. she had a tight knicker for the water.   When we reached there, she asked me if she could remove her panty and just wear the knicker as it was not transparent.  I agreed.

We started going from one water ride to the other.  Soon we are drenched.  My wife was wearing a white top and her bra could be seen, she was feeling embarrassed and guilty that i might feel bad.  I told her that I was not worried.  After that she also started to get fine.  She was freely lifting her arms as and when required.  This was allowing other men to have a peek at her boobs as the dress was loose near the arm pits.  When she would bend to get to a ride, the guy helping with the ride would get a good view of her boobs.  After sometime we both started enjoying the attention she was getting.

After about 2-3 hours, she told that there was a guy who was watching her from a distance and that even she liked his looks.  I asked her if she wanted to speak to him.  She was hesitant.  Then I told her that i would leave her there and walk away to the food court.  If the guy approached her, she could talk to him.  She asked me if she could go to rides with him if he asked to which I agreed.  Finally i told her that she could even have sex with him if she liked.  She gave me a long look and figured out that i meant it.  Then I asked her to wait in the same place when she was done and walked away.

I went our of her view, stood beside a tea stall and ordered a tea.  While sipping the tea, i saw from a distance at her.  She was standing there and the guy was approaching her and also looking in the direction i had gone to see if i was coming back. 

From here on what happened i came to know from her later. When he came near her, he smiled and she smiled too.  They said hi/hello and he said that she was very beautiful and was looking very sexy in that dress.  My wife thanked him and asked about him.  While talking she touched his hand.  As they continued talking, the guy touched her bare arm near the shoulders.  Then they both went for water rides.

They went for a few rides during which they started getting comfortable.  They both were touching each other. Finally the guy asked her if they could have a small walk.  They both went towards a section of the park which had very few people.  Now they were holding hands and rubbing against each other as they were walking.  As they neared rest rooms, my wife observed that no one was around. So she said that she wanted to use the restroom and went in.  After about 5 secs, the guy too followed her after making sure no one was watching.  My wife appeared to be surprised, but didnt say anything as he came with her inside.  Then he started kissing her and she responded.  Soon he removed her top and  bra and kissed and sucked her breasts and nipples wildly.  She was hot now and didnt say anything when he removed her shorts.  She was completely naked.  She asked him to remove his clothes and started kissing his chest.  then she kissed his balls and penis and took it inside her mouth.  She stopped before he could come.  Even he kissed and licked her ***** well and then had bareback sex.  He came inside her.  Even after this, both were hot, so they continued their wild session for one more time.  After that they exchanged their phone numbers and came back.

My wife met me where i had left her. fully satisfied and a bit tired. we had some food played for some more time and left home.  On the way she told me, what had happened.  She then told that his **** was much bigger than mine and that mine was nothing and laughed at me teasingly.  I was very horny listening to her story.  The moment we reached home, i started licking her wet dripping *****. She was horny that day so her ***** was wet without foreplay.  She told me that she could not clean her ***** properly after sex with him, but i could hardly wait for her to clean it.  I had hot sex with her for the next few days just thinking of what had happened.
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That would definitely be my dream trip to the water park. I would have had to take her back the bathroom as soon as she got back and licked her clean!!!

I love this story. Sure hope you have more.

Awesome story....encore.

What a great day you had, enjoying watching your wife seduce a guy and then having bareback sex with him. Its so arrousing watching wifes at play, turns me on something terrible, and always I get to lick her used ***** afterwards.

It's amazing when a husband gives away his wife for the first time. I remember when my wife started dating her first boyfriend since our wedding (19yrs earlier), She was a super-sexy 42 and started ******* him exclusively for 3 months. After that we were back together in the same bed...but it was in those 3 months that I jerked off and came more powerfully than I ever have...just imagining another male ******* and ******* in my wife got me SO hot! These days, I am better at ******* off than I am at ******* her...and she has stronger, harder ***** pleasing her while I *** by myself in my closet, lol.

I agree with you.