It always means a great deal to me when I can connect with someone through music.

Music has always been a strong influence and interest in my life and when I meet someone who has a similar taste it's a huge buzz. 

For me, to find someone who is as inspired as I am by a certain lyric or musician, it's particularly important as a connection made in this way flags a connection on a deeper level.

I feel the same way about other art forms, paintings for example or in the written word.  I think our appreciation of artistic forms of all kinds is one of the few ways that human beings can validate the emotions we have in common and which link us together.
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I think music has a remarkable ability to connect. It's a language all its own and if you get it, if your taste or your interpretation of a particular song matches another there's an immediate connection, emotional and intellectual.

Yes, I think so too ... an immediate one.

I guess the common interest is a great talking point. I totally agree with you.

I don't think it's necessary for two people to like the same music, but it does add another level of connection.

I wouldn't say it's a necessity .. but I enjoy it when it happens!

I agree. Enjoying the same things can result in a much more pleasant experience.

So well said WIB! I feel exactly the same way. :D


Music is like a beautiful soul opened up for all to see.

Indeed it is fungirl ... good to see you! thanks for the comment! ((hugs))

Leave it to you to say this so perfectly. I agree 110%....When folks can share the same vision with an art form/artist, love of certain ways of wording prose or music it goes straight to the soul..... When ya find the ones who see of feel in a similar way...Ya just know you're in kindred company.... ♥

it does go straight to the soul ... thing is for me ... it has a way of proving our common humanity ... it shows us our similarities in terms of our senses ... we have so little proof that sensations and experiences are real ... in my opinion it's when another person can see the same as I can see ... that I know it's not "just me".

That's so true.....We all run around thinking that what we see and experience might not strike others the same and when we find that person who can see in something or feel and hear like us.... it's like WOWW.....a validation..... I like the idea of knowing a "common humanity" great little term for a big piece of who we are and even who we can become... You always make me stop and really think about bigger things and that is so AWESOME!! Thanks and hugs you special lady you!! ♥ With all you have on your plate you still come in and share wisdom.....that so rocks...

I understand you. With same interests you always have a subject to talk about too! ;-)

it makes relationships so much more interesting!