Only My Own ***

I take pride in eating my *** from wife's **** - a kinky guy should do this and i recommend it to all of you looking to get kinkier.

She only wants to have sex with me - it's very flattering, though my fantasy is to swap her with another guy to get access to his wife.

nydan61 nydan61
61-65, M
1 Response Mar 2, 2009

Swingers groups or local couples should let your fantasy. A bi GF and I used to go to a nudist camp that catered to LGBT couples and that was a lot of fun. Not only could you have his wife but you could suck his **** as well. Too bad we broke up and the camp closed. Had a lot of naked fun there and licked a lot of *** out of *******. Damn, it's a ***** getting old!