Love Creamy Pies

I recall the first time I had a creamy pie. Wife and I had met and taken a guy we met in a bar down town home with us. We drank beer and my wife put on her short robe with nothing underneath  after him seeing her walk around for a while he told me I had a beautiful wife and that she had beautiful **** and gorgeous legs. I told him to me the best part was her shaved *****. still remember the look on his face when he said WOW. guess the saying"Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder oops beholder"is true because I thought she looked great with that short robe. Well it was time to go to bed and he went to the guest's room and we went to ours. After laying in bed I told her she could go and check on our guests welfare. She got all excited and asked "You don't mind?" so she went and she closed the door as she entered his room. I could hear the sounds of the bed squeaking through the wall and moans of my wife. I got real hard knowing my wife was having sex in the other room. this went on all night you guys know what it's like when you get some new ***** you just can't seem to get enough  I would doze off and they would still be at it. When I woke up in the morning abut 9 or 10 the guy was gone and my wife was laying with her legs apart asleep. and love bites all over her breasts and neck that in it self make me horney I could smell the scent of sex in the air. I looked and saw her *** filled ***** I couldn't help it I got between her legs and buried my face on her ***** I had never done this before It tasted bitter and salty at the same time and from that day on I got addicted to creamy pies.  

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Having your wife get ****** in the next room is the second best thing in life, eating her out after she **** back to bed is the # one best thing ........especially when she is whispering his name mmmmmmmmmmm

I have only done this with other couples. Being single I am still waiting for my own ******** provider.

I love this post and your follow ups too! I have listened to my wife **** in next room over. The sounds and the knowledge of what she was doing was so sexy. But the reward for me after she is out with a new friends, is always either going down on her *** filled ***** or sliding my hard **** into her wet ***** or ....both!

The mixture of mans *** mixed with my wife's gives the ***** a different taste

these kind of casual encoutners make life worth living ~ wife watching, wife sharing, and ********!

I feel the same way..once in a great while she will tell me of a guys that keep asking her out that she meets at work. She ask if she can go with them for a drink. I know my wife very well. If my wife asks to go go she may take the offer of one out of twenty. So that means she really has the hots for that one. I I'll ask her right up front are you going to go to bed with him? the answer is always the same" I don't know if he wants to have sex with me. He said just for a drink and she says she told them just for a drink. If youv'e seen the photos of my wife do you honestly think that a drink is all they want? Anyway she will go out come back sometimes in as little as two hours and sometime until 4 or 5 hours later. The results are always the same when she out by herself is about the only time she will wear panties. She is always worried what they might think as they don't know her other side and see her as a real sweet girl. When she gets home her panties will always have *** on them as they don't suck the *** out. What a trill for me to see them have only about twoo photos so it might not be worth posting them. never the less I still open her ***** to see her ****** ***** and lick it. I guess they are not normal they won't let me watch or she is to shy to ask

god, nothing is as erotic as waiting for my wife to *** home from a "date" ,,, the smell of sex, the scent of another man's ***** inside of her *****, and on her skin ,,, i have begged her to never wash up after one of her lovers has ****** her ,,, i want to savor his ******** as it drips from her lips and onto my tongue and down my throat ,,, we seal our love with a kiss