Eating Her Cream Pie

My Ex let me eat her P***y out after I came in it. The one time I remember the most was when she was riding me and I came in her and she just moved up and made me start licking and sucking while she had a finger in my a**h**e and hers telling me to keep eating and she was grinding her cl it on my tongue. She squirted all over my face then made me lick her a**h**e good then she slid back down and put me **** right in her A**and rode me to another ****** and let me *** in her a** then made me lick and suck that out while she was playing with her cl it. She squirted all over my face again. She made me brush my teeth then kissed me and get me hard again and we made love again until we both came together. I woke up in the middle of the night to her sucking my **** and putting a finger in my a** to make me ***. She shared that one with me and made me suck her cl it until she squirted again. She loves to squirt but it takes a lot out of her and she is drained all day of energy. She left me shortly after all this happened.

The new GF loves to do all but the anal part but she loves to suck our juices off of me and she can squirt a lot more and a lot more often. Now I need to get her to let me bring in another couple and life will be complete.

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3 Responses Nov 24, 2009

I always look forward to breaking in a new GF by eating her cream pie. The first time I catch her by surprise in her post **** afterglow and the gasp when my tongue goes in her *****. Some protest that I don't have to do it but I haven't had one push me away unless she was just too sensitive. I give them a few minutes and then go for the pie. Eventually, she will expect it and straddle my face so I can get it all. <br />
<br />
I've had a lot of GFs and it surprises me how few have had their cream pie eaten before we got together.

oh my god that was so hot, what a great study session, you are a lucky guy. also woodsla<x>yer that is so hottt

My fiance came to my desk one day in the afternoon while I was studying and sat down and spread her legs grabbed my hair and started telling me what to do, where to lick and what she wanted done. 2 hours before I had shot a big load in her and she said that when it started running down her legs she used a finger to taste it and knew I would want some. She Squirted what felt like a gallon of her juices in my mouth as I was eaiting my cream pie. When she had *** 3 or 4 times she leaned me back in the chair and started licking and kissing alll over me while she handled my ****. I finally pushed her on to the desk and filled her up again. She pulled her dress back doen and walked off saying should would see me in 2 hours to start all over again.