Eat Me (cream Pie)

My wife and I had gone out and hit a few bars.We were on our way home and she told me she wanted to get kinky.Last time she peed on me while I was sitting on the john.When we got home she started to give me a BJ in the drive.This is nice, she said we should finish it in the house.I was so excited.As we got in side she started to ***** and so did I.We made it on the floor and I shot my load pretty fast.She said she wasn't done.She wanted more.She took hold of my head and pushed me to her *****.Eat me and suck out your ***.She never told me to do that before.I went down on her and licked and sucked on her.She pulled my head in and put her legs around my neck.The taste was great.Her and me together.I loved it then and now clean her after we have sex all the time.She even gets on top of my head and pushes my *** out into my mouth.She has the biggest climax riding my face and feeding me the cream pie we made together.  

Berrney Berrney
56-60, M
5 Responses Nov 27, 2009

Berrney that was hot I want to show this to my wife, I want to eat us out of her right now.

I do love a woman in control, to please her as she so desires! That is heaven.

Agree with all of you. I've had it done to me once and I want it all the time now. Love to eat my wife's creampies!

I'd love a dominant wife who demanded it everytime as a precondition to being allowed penetration.

I want to make love to my wife and after she gets hers and I drop a big nut in her *****. I want her to straddle my face and let me lick the *** that drips from her *****.