I Love It.

Just last weekend my wife did that for me. Pic posted on my profile of that weekend.
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6 Responses Dec 14, 2012

Me too she did this the other week in a sheer skirt was a real turbo and we ended up making out in the forest on the way home. She says she will go to work naked under her dress soon

Its the best when you dont know til half way through dinner ! check please ! and you have her for desert ! mmmmmm

great profile pic

I would like to enjoy the pix of your wife!

Please add me....

My wife likes it too. When we go out she loves when guys check her out and hit on her. I always check her ***** to see how wet it is, and ask her which guy or guys made her ***** so wet. We always **** like animals after talking about her ******* them and how big she thinks their ***** are.

Would love to see those pics.