Smacking My Small Balls

My wife started by dressing me in panties and letting me jerk off for her. When she first started smacking my balls and telling me how small they are, I came so hard.  She knows I love it!

razvratnayapara razvratnayapara
36-40, M
4 Responses Mar 12, 2010

My wife likes to spank my small balls also. It really turns her on and makes her wet. I've been tying to get her to tell me how small they and their srand up friend are. Iwould like her to do it at home and in public, but so far she won't. I would also like her to bring home some girl friends and have me show them.

Tone X: Go to the extreme restraints website and get yourself a **** enhancer/extender. Put yourself in it, quietly go into the bedroom and get your wife wet. Then, **** her like a black man who just got out of prison. Wearing that huge **** extender, you will tear her ***** up and she will be begging you to **** her over and over again. Needless to say, she will be telling all of her friends how fabulous you are in bed.

My wife loves to tell her friends that I am small down below. She knows that I love the humiliation but last summer she went too far. We were at a summer BBQ about 6 of her close friends and their husbands/partners I was in just my shorts enjoying the sun in the garden with the fellas The women were in the kitchen preparing the food but the guys were cooking it on the BBQ When a batch of meat was cooked I picked up two trays and walked into the kitchen all the women looked at me saying oh good its ready Then quick as a flash my wife krept behind me and dropped my shorts to the floor I was on display to all of her friends my hands full of food Some of the women shrieked and stifled their laughter as I shuffled to the table to put down the food then after several seconds was able to pull up my shorts I was crimson with embarrassment and humiliation It was all laughed off but I was mortified

My wife also does this. Also squeezes and stretches them. Quite a turn-on!