Once She Told Me About Her Previous Sex Life

some times after we met, I asked her about her past sex life and she was very reluctant . i had to take plenty of time for explaining her that i was very curious and excited about it     so she got confident and explain    I wanted details and it was a terrific excitement    also I have to admit that I learned some things I have not imagined
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give us some detais

thats awsome

when my wife tells me about some of the things she has done in the past sexually it blows my mind, i love that she wants to share her pleasures and past pleasures with me, im sure she has been ****** by two men as she always tells me a story which when it come to the end she says she cant remember, if she did get ****** by two guys more power to her.

I guess what I meant was, don't be threatened if she is excited by the thought, wants sex, or has sex with another man. That in itself does not mean he can provide all the things that you give her in a relationshhip.

Thanks for your comment Bewlay. By the way I tried to find this guy by any conventional means....but she only remember his family name and that he was a Yougoslav....also it was nearly 20years ago and may be we are searching in a city he has left for ages.<br />
Otherwise I would follow your advice<br />
<br />
Could you also comment more precisely your last sentence...;what do you mean by "Just take pleasure from her pleasure, she needs you for much more , but why should that restrict her freedom to express herself sexually?"

I think she had a powerful attraction to him, she needed him sexually & maybe she still does. It's quite normal for your mixed feelings when you hear this story. Many men are turned on by the thought of their wives having sex with onother man, but often social constraints mean there is a deep rooted insecurity that makes you feel jealous. If you can shake off the shackles of this jealousy then you can enjoy the pleasure of seeing your wife fully satisfied by another man. Does she still know where he lives? Maybe you could invite him round for drinks & see if you can make anything happen. Just take pleasure from her pleasure, she needs you for much more , but why should that restrict her freedom to express herself sexually?

Bewlay it is a fantastic story your wife had during her divorce....Mine did not tell so extraordinary story like having two guys together but she mentionned a point that both hurt and excited me<br />
She said she met a guy in a bar in winter she was fully dressed with a heavy coat and the guy comes to her and said he likes so much her face he will bet 300 UsD that she has a terrific body too. She was half pleased and half shocked by his manner but the guy just left telleing he will see here again the following day sama place. So she asked around who was this foolish guy and the barmaid said he was very special , hardly talks but 200and as many girls were running behind him he should be a good lover. As she was alone a that time she came on the following day and the guy just said come with me, he has a wreck car and drove her to his home a sort of cabin in the country side , just saying few words . inside he gave her an armachair and proceeded to ligth a fire in the chimney. He made a tea without a word and when the room was hot he put 300 USD on the table and ordered get naked now she was surprised and asked if he can put somme music for helping in a ***** tease but he just repeated ***** fully nude just keep your shoes what she did he just looked take his money ans said I was sure you were such a doll he spank gently her bottom and ordered go to the bed. He then penetrated her without preliminaries and she felt imediately a huge warm sensation in her belly after less than 10 strokes she had the most powerfull ****** she never knew...she just did no know where she were and what she said<br />
She saw him of course several times an evrytime it was very casual missionary type intrecourse without preliminariess and always a strong and quick ****** she was shouting screaming and sometimes tearing the sheets with her fingers. As she has never been so noisy with me i felt a terrible feeling but was also so excited I Wanted the story and details again and again<br />
Il ask her if he had someting special physically and she said she was usually quite shy but also wanted to know how he could do such good so once she asks to suck him in fact to know better his sex it was average in length may be even shorter than mine but extremely thick and heavy with a massive wide head<br />
what do you think

So why don't you share with us what she told you? Mine hints at some things but she told me one story about the time when she was getting divorced. She hadn't had sex for some time and managed to get a babysitter to get out one night. She went to a night club & got separated from her friend (who went off with some guy). She got talking to two guys who started buying her drinks. One was coming on quite strong but when he went to get some more drinks the other guy was coming onto to her too. She felt so horny & the drink made her so brave that she groped one of their ***** through his pants & said 'why don't you take me somewhere & **** me?'. She said they groped & fingered her in the back of the taxi all the way back to one the guy's houses. They ran into the bedroom & ******** & one of the guys was on top & inside her pounding her like crazy. She said she couldn't help making squealing noises as it was so good. The 1st guy came inside her & the second guy got on top. She said when he entered her it felt so wicked & dirty she came straight away. She said that 2nd **** was the best she'd ever had. After the 2nd guy came inside her they rested for a bit & then she got on all fours while they both ****** her from behind. I couldn't believe when she told me & I could see in hers eyes how excited she felt. We had great sex that night. I hinted if she'd like to do it again as I wouldn't mind but she said she was happy as she was. Pity, wish I'd been there.