She Told Me About The Old Boyfriend's Big ****

One night a few years ago we had planned to stay in watch movies and give each other massages. And well we were also drinking lemoncello, a lot of it, to the point that we were both a little wobbly. So the talk about sex became pretty fluid and uninhibited.

We started talking about out sexual pasts. I wasn’t surprised that she had quite a few men because she is very shapely and pretty. Now she had always given me the standard I was the biggest and the best she ever had, but on this particular night the alcohol allowed her to spill the truth. And I didn’t even have to pry it out of her.

We are both divorced when we met, and were both single for about 3 years before we got married to each other. So we talking about how many people we ****** in that time period, and she blurts out “I dated one guy for a year and a half and you talk about big…”. And I said “big in that way?”, and she didn’t answer, she just stared at me seductively. “So you have ****** a big ****?” I asked. And she just stared right into my eyes. And I asked again, and still no response, she just gazed at me. I was floored.

Well that opened the flood gates to a whole range of questions. I just had to know the details. Finally she says “Ok I’ll tell you, but do you want to know who it is because you know him?” I thought about that for a long while and said no. I still don’t know who it is to this day.

So she proceeds to tell me that he was huge. And I kept asking how big. So she said she never measured it but it was quite a bit longer and thicker than me. We have an assortment of toys so I drag them out of the box and have her tell me which one is closest and she points and says “that one” is pretty close. “That one” was one of those lifelike ****** with balls attached and a suction cup on the bottom. It is about nine inches long and really thick.

How many times did you **** it? Honey we were together for a year and a half, I was ******* it 4 or 5 times a week.

Did he use a condom? No

Did you suck it? Yes. Did he *** in your mouth? Many times. Did he *** a lot? Yes. More than me? Yes.

Did his **** make you *** harder than mine? Yes, he was so much bigger.

Could he last a long time? As long as I wanted.

Was he a better **** than me? Pause…pause…pause…Yes.

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I did the same thing and got us a young proxy with a huge one! We both enjoy i t

I did the same thing and got us a young proxy with a huge one! We both enjoy i t

Nothing Sevier than a blunt direct lady!

I too have quizzed my wife about the same when we get a little buzzed. We did a 3sum years ago and he was way bigger than me and it was clear she enjoyed him far more than I. Her face when she first saw his fat tool and her face as he first pushed it into her will always be etched in my mind. We were in our mid 20's and I thought I was a stud. His skills far surpassed me, his confidence and the way he took charge of her was a learning experience. His 8.75 inches was just a bit under 3 inches longer than mine and she could not reach her fingers around his almost 7 inch circumference. He could access her so easily with his length was one of the things she commented on later about him. " he made it so easy to take me me from any position where you have to be up against me and close." She told me then and since that I or no one else has come close to pleasuring her like Steve did. She told me once " you make love to me and so can he but you can't fu@@ me like he did. He really did give it to her and surprisingly she was doing him back at times as hard as he was giving. Watching her come about 5 times in 15 minutes was shocking. It's no wonder she banged him as many times during that day and a half. He must have ********** eight or ten times from 9pm to 1pm the following day. And he too shot massive amounts compared to me, probably 3 times the volume. The second time he came within 1 hour he pulled out and let go on her stomach and ****. I mean 7 or 8 thick ropes 18 inches long. She was in awe saying " oh shi@ J look how much he comes." He second load at least doubled my volume. He was a stud and if he hadn't died (motorcycle) we would still be at it.

My wife has always known what turns me on and she teases me quite often. She knows she only has to mention "big *****" and her past lovers and affairs, and I'm aroused straight away!
It all started way back when I went round to a girlfriend's house to pick up some records we listened to while we dated. I wanted them back and knocked on her door. There was no reply, but I could hear one of the tracks we played and I thought maybe she didn't hear the door, so I went around the back of the house to see if she was there. She was there all right...naked from the waist down but for her garter belt and stockings...on her knees in front of a tall naked(also from the waist down) black guy with the biggest, thickest **** I had ever seen, stuck right in her mouth. It looked all of 10-11inches of solid dark oak.
She was ******* him into her mouth and cupping his big balls, and as the record died out both he and she were sounding like he was ready to ********* and she was going to take the lot, as she had always done with me...she enjoyed the taste of *****, and compared mine with her previous boyfriends she also had fellated, Mine tasted peppery, she told me that she liked to finish sex this way, mostly, as she preferred oral to penetrational ******.
Anyway...getting back to "the room"...the sight of her sucking him off, his butt clenching and him ******* his hips forward and back made me feel both sick in the stomach and aroused at the same time...the sheer erotic thing that was happening and the way she wantonly took him in her mouth was making me rock hard! She must have been up to no good while we were dating...all my friends told me she was no good, but I didn't listen...
He suddenly went tense and told her he was "gonna come", and she kept him tightly in her mouth, his jerks told me he was letting her have it to her tonsils, and she was loving it! He thrust his hips forward around a dozen times, I know, and she had some trickle out of her mouth down her chin which she quickly licked up and got from her looked like threads of shiny silk between her fingers as she held them to the light, then popped them into her mouth too, not wishing to waste any of his "swimmers".
I frequently jerked off on the strength of that sight for years after, and THAT, readers, is why I have the need to see my wife do that same act, which she has done with previous lovers, and she has told me all about her previous lovers with big ***** too, how long and thick each **** was, how their balls were full of ***** and how much they came and other experiences she has had in cars and hotel rooms, and also in the woods not far from here.
Things have now progressed to her mentioning a few nights ago that one particular guy she had a fling with was very well endowed and if she met him again, she knew she could not trust herself not to want his **** again. I asked her if she really fancied having him **** her again, and she likes the idea...she even asked me if I wanted to meet him and his wife!
Part of me is very aroused by the idea, and I want to say yes, but there would have to be conditions. I really want to watch her take his **** and him come in her, but if I lose her to him then what's left... if it's going to be a one time only, then I told her perhaps she should do it to get him out of her system....but what if she wants his **** again...?
Furthermore, what if he wants a *********, what and how much of a role, if any, do I play? I know about the sanctity of marriage but it never stopped her in her previous marriage and I think it still wont stop her if she wants him after we meet up...the question is...What is she planning?

This is my kink too :) My wife has been a hotwife for about seven years now, almost since we first met... Although she is really demanding and isn't always 100% satisfied with the guys she meets, when she finds someone who is really good, and she tells me that she enjoys sex with him more than with me, and he has a bigger ****, those are the sexiest times.
After all, what would be the point of her having lovers if they didn't offer her something better than what she gets at home :)
Her pleasure is my biggest turn-on.

I got the exact same response from my wife about her ex! It makes me *** so hard thinking about it

i love it when ladies talk about the big ***** theyve had. if any ladies want to pop a memory into my in box please feel free :)

My misses been with a moster one she was shocked could not take it all but did her best. Its a turn on but at same time wish I saw it or was me that big.


Can't answer because of your privacy settings.

Most women seem to follow some unwritten law concerning the telling of past experiences. It is as if the world will come to an end if they fess up that they have had a big **** between their legs and they actually liked it. Maybe it is because they do not want to appear too slutty or that it is for our own good because even though we ask, our egos would forever be damaged if we knew the truth.

You have a big **** but if she has had 20 men, statistically, she probably has had one larger. That is by no means definite though. If she is VERY attractive the odds go up significantly. If she is attractive, hot, and sexy, you can bank on it.

Technically speaking I am sure the size of your **** has nothing to do with making her ***. I am sure you have researched and read all about this.

Julie is by far the hardest woman I have ever been with to make ***. The only reliable way is if she is on top. Even then it is not 100% of the time and often I will blow my load before her climax and hang on until she does. Only rarely can I make her *** missionary. I have NEVER made her *** from behind.

Her boyfriend is over 8 inches long and thicker than me. He makes her *** most of the time. She says this is mostly mental. That seeing his size beforehand, or poised to enter her, etc is extremely erotic and then just the feeling of fullness sets her off. I tend to believe her because I have seen him take his time to work it all the way in and as soon as he gets balls deep she starts exploding all over it before he even starts pumping her. In any case I have witnessed him make her *** numerous times from behind. The proof is in the pudding so to speak and I am jealous of that.

As for getting her to talk, I guess that takes her feeling like you are her soulmate, much time, her not feeling pressured, and a lot of martinis. And more martinis. And more martinis yet.

Did his **** make you *** harder than mine? Yes, he was so much bigger.

Could he last a long time? As long as I wanted.

Was he a better **** than me? Pause…pause…pause…Yes.

I LOVED reading this! Thank you.

I love hearing about my wife's past sexual experiences. She finally opened up to me last year about a guy she had an affair with for 2 years during her last marriage. I always knew there was something different there and finally she told me how big his **** was and how much she loved ******* him. 9 full inches and 6 inches around, very hard and could stay hard for numerous sessions. Turns out they would meet in the hotel on a Friday night and **** nonstop until she left Sunday morning. They didn't go out for fear of being seen, so they literally ****** the entire weekend. His wife didn't like it rough because he was so big so once every 3 or 4 months they would get together and he would pound her as hard as he could and she loved it. We have had fantastic sex while she tells me about ******* him and how great his giant **** felt.

She told me how sore she was afterwards, for days, and I could tell she really missed it. It has been over 7 years since she ****** him. We do like ********** with other guys and I asked her if she would like to **** him again. She couldn't believe I was serious and also said there was no way he would ever go for a *********. So I finally called him and explained to him that I was cool with everything.

We live in Austin and he lives in Florida. Now she is flying out there Saturday afternoon and getting there around 9 pm. He is picking her up and they are going to the hotel and have about 8 hours alone until he has to get her on a 6 am flight back home. They are not allowed to communicate at any other time and as long as this goes well, she will be allowed to fly out 4 or 5 times a year and spend a weekend getting ****** senseless. I have shared her with one guy that is that long but not as thick, and she goes crazy on his **** and afterwards is so swollen that is feels like a totally different *****. I can't wait to feel her after this guy. She will literally **** him all night, get on the plane full of his *** and fly straight home to me and tell me everything while I slide in and out of her feeling his ***. She is happy and I am happy.

That is really f'n hot

When I was dating my wife, I made a joke about her ex being small. She felt compelled to correct me and said, "He did NOT have that problem". I then asked if he had a big ****. To which she replied, "Oh yeah!". I then asked if I had a big ****, as my only reference to erect penises was ****. She diplomatically responded that I had a good girth. In other words, no. She later also let me know that he had very good stamina and could give her a penetrative ****** in one position which I have not been able to do. My ego has battled with this information for 15+ years. I just want her to be satisfied. I'm starting to feel like someone else may have to do it for me.

A cross to bear. Actually it turns me on that her boyfriend has a larger **** and further that it really satisfies her. Perhaps even more physically satisfying than mine, which she has said that it is.

I've had the same, and it really turned me on to hear how her ex used to bang his big balls against her, cos mine are so small in comparison. He also *** loads more than me, she said, and this really turned me on, especially when she would say he was so much more manly than me down there. Hard to explain why this should turn any guy on, but it does. She also cheated on me with a much bigger endowed friend, and this did the same, although it shouldn't have.

My wife had an ex like yours does - and I love imagining it.

Oh the bitter sweet pain of the truth....that statement will give you years of wanking material. :-)

That is a fact

Its a shame you've never seen that side of your woman. Get the guy and share in the pleasure that he provides.

I wrote on your wall that my wife told me about her bigger **** BF from long ago this weekend during sex. she even called out his name while i did her doggy style. i came so fast n hard. I am trying to get her to fly out to her home town for a reunion, this guy has no clue she would be coming out, or that i want my wife to open her legs to please him and her once more. I dont care if he is married, i will pay for their motel for the day and night if i have too. she said maybe, she hates to fly.

oh i forgot the best part...the really big guy didn't wear a condom when he did her.

She had a lot of big guys but she said that one of them was absolutely huge - almost as thick as a beer can. She had no problem telling me about him quite soon after we met. I also heard about all of the other guys that were bigger than me. She's very small but ****** a lot of big italian jocks when she was younger. I think about what it would like like for a big dark **** that thick to penetrate her like that. And it was her first time so it hurt her a lot. I know part of her still worships that huge **** and what it did to her. When she drinks with girlfriends she still talks about it like she's proud of taking all of it after it popped her cherry. I think it's kind of cool that her first time ******* was a proper ****. He was huge, lasted a long time, and did her really hard. Part of her hated it and part of her absolutely loved it. I want to buy her a ***** exactly that size but she doesn't want one that big.

Yes it really turned me on that she had a huge **** in her. I figured that she probably had because I had bought her "average size" toys in the past and she wanted bigger ones. Then she was saying that she preferred bigger ones. I always wondered how she knew that. <br />
<br />
That was the beginning of me really wanting to watch her. I did a couple years later. The rest is history.