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My wife was dating a guy and they were together on a hot day and she was wearing very loose fitting shorts that day. One thing lead to another and they started making out and the kisses grew more intense and passionate. When all of a sudden he went for it! He quickly undid his pants and pulled out his ****. Then he moved her shorts and panties over exposing her *****. He took his fingers and opened her ***** lips and he quickly stuck his hard **** in her and began to **** her. She took his **** good and hard she said as he was pounding her for a few minutes and then at that time he shot his *** inside of her and pulled his **** out and it was over. Who said quickies aren't exciting!
fantasy15 fantasy15 36-40 4 Responses Apr 24, 2011

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Very hot! My ex never had any lovers before me, so I had no stories.

I will now!

Old Boy friend. Did you read my others about her and all her past lovers?

That's awesome that she shared that story with you. Where you present or is this an old boyfriend story? I would love to hear more about my wife's sexual past but she always downplays it. Lucky you I guess! :)