My Wifes Story About Having 3 Guys *** In Her In 1 Night

Before i tell this story i must tell you that my wife is quite the conservative type and is not that adventurous when it comes to sex these days, but before we met she liked to go out night clubbing with girlfriends and more often then not was picked up by a guy and 95% percent of them would f*uck her that night. Its not too often that she will tell me stories these days, but 1 story i managed to get out of her was the night she was f*ucked by 3 different guys at seperate times and each 1 blew there loads inside of her. She had met a guy and gone back to his house with 1 of her friends and 2 of his friends. As soon as she got inside the guy was all over her and in no time, was ******* her in his room. He had a rather large **** she says but didnt last that long and had soon *** inside her. After laying in bed talking for the next 5 mins, he had fallen asleep and my wife decided to find her friend and head off. she walked into the next room hoping to find her friend only to find the mate who hadnt picked up. He asked if she was up for a chat but after 5 mins was starting to stroke her leg and soon lent in and kissed her. My wife who had had her fair share to drink kissed him back and before she knew it was being ****** for the second time that night by another guy who also had a rather large ****. This guy lasted a long time and when he had finally climaxed, shoved his **** in as far as it would go and *** deep inside her. When they had got there breath back she decided to try and find her friend in the lounge room only to find the third guy who informed her that she had just left 5 mins earlier in a taxi. She decided to have a drink with this guy before calling a taxi and before she knew it again she had another guy kissing her and feeling her up. In a few mins he moved up and placed his **** in her mouth and she discovered that this guy had at least 8 inches of ****. After sucking his **** for a few mins the second guy came out of the room and caught them in the act and started laughing at the pair of them. They stopped for a min before he asked if he could watch to which his mate agreed ( not realising at the time that she had just been ****** by both of his mates) and then he positioned himself and started ******* her. This guy had a bit of stamina and really started ******* her hard ( she thinks because his mate was watching) and for the next 20 mins really banged her around before pulling her as tight as he could into him and shoving his **** up her as far as he could and *** deep inside of her as he could. She left soon after. She told me this story 1 night after a few drinks but it took me a few more times to get most of the details ( after begging her). I wish she would tell me more storys but she wont open up these days unless she has had quite a fair bit to drink, and after having a baby 9 months ago we dont get to many chances to have a good drink but hopefully soon we will. Id also like for her to maybe **** another guy (providing he has a big ****) so she can tell me all the juicy details when she got home and also because i secretly would love to have sloppy seconds. Please feel free to comment on this story and also what you think about me wanting to have sloppy seconds and if you ever have, Cheers guys.
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I did it with different guys at different time even after the marriage, but never did with more people at same time.

was a good story, but she did it, basically one at a time. What is really erotic, is to see 3 men in a hole-at the same time. My ex-wife did that, and went thru 9 guys in one day. almost had to hose her out to get clean.

The other two guys lasted so long because they had sloppy seconds and very slippery thirds. She was a very fun girl when she was younger, and from your comment in another story sounds like she wants to play with others again. Keep sharing her stories [share her as well!] they are very hot.

Thanks for sharing,hot story.

Thanks for sharing,hot story.

It is amazing how many similar experiences our wives had in their past... My wife had two guys one night and she tells me about it often when we are in bed. She had a boyfriend but went out with this jock type guy and partied in his dorm room. They soon ended up with him on top screwing her. He did not last long and filled her with his ***. They continued to pary and repeated two more times. She would say the amount running out of her was amazing. She got a call from her friend telling her that her boyfriend was passed out in her dorm room. She got up, got dressed and had this guy take her home. It was running down her leg as she snuck in the room. She managed to take a shower and slip into bed only to have her BF stir. He immediatley wanted to **** so she thought it woudl be funny to push his head down to eat her out. He did that forever and she then let him climb on board and pound her for a fourth time that night. She said she was really moaning and he thought it was because he was making her feel good but it was really because she was raw. He passed out again and she was in yet another wet spot. Love it

Well bill, I'm not real keen on watching as I like to hear about the story's rather then watch, but if it were to happen, how would it happen, how would you convince her as she is quite a shy type and what would you do to her? We are in Australia, but do travel to America quite often!<br />
If anyone else wants to fill me in on how they would convince my wife to sleep with them and also the things they would do to her feel free to leave a comment!!

Hell dude.. I'll let ya watch me ******* your wife.. then ya can dive right in and get FRESH sloppy seconds! Bill in Va.

My wife was like yours. She was a guaranteed **** if she went out with you. But she won't share the details too much. She **** more than one man in a day == but that was when she had an afternoon date (or a morning sleepover ****) and then a second date in the evening.<br />
<br />
I personally love sloppy seconds.

your wife sounds great, my wife has had quite a few adventures and had one just like your wife were she ****** all the men in the house plus one of the mens brothers called and ****** her, she was worn out when she got home

great story! thanks for sharing

That sounds like a great story. My wife has slept with bus loads of different guys over the years and I have got a few stories out of her but this one gets me going every time I think about it. I once heard a story from a guy who has ****** her and I have seen his **** and it is very large ( twice as big as mine) and would love for him to start ******* her again but can't work out how to approach them both about this topic.