Husband Likes Me To Tell About Past Sex

I'm 44 years old and have been with my husband for 16 years. While dating he asked me about my past boyfriends. Not knowing what he wanted I studdered and stammered for awhile. He came right out and asked me to tell him about the sex I had with other guys. I thought he was crazy and resisted talking to him about it. After several weeks of me refusing him I finally gave in and told him about a ******* I once gave a guy. This turned him on very very much and we had a great round of love making. We talked about why he liked this and never really found out anything except that when I tell him about my sex life before him, we have the best sex I can ever imagine. So, I'll keep talking and am thinking about going out to get a few more stories for him. This is ay his request and I think I'm okay with it. We'll see.
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4 Responses Aug 26, 2012

There is something about hearing those stories, posted on a GF told me years ago. Finding new "material" also sounds like you are taking it to a whole different level... ;)

Great!! when you run out of true events; you may need to make up some to have more good sex!!!

Its really something,alot of ladies will think their husband is sick to ask about this but when they find out how much it improves the sex life its great. Ive had mine me also,i want every little detail,what he did,how big,how good he was and such and it has went to where she even goes on dates with other men and comes back to tell me about it,it turns her on alot also,something the two of you may want to talk about and explore

If you're okay with it -- and would enjoy the extra sex -- then go for it. Speaking from experience, bringing stories home is even more exciting for your husband than past stories. But you should do it for yourself, too -- not just him.