I Ask & She Tells...everything.

My wife is nine years younger than me (i am 35). After four years of dating we were married this past March. We were always very sharing and trusting before being married, but after our newly sealed bond we both definitely felt that complete honesty was the best thing for our marriage. This included divulging our kinks/fetishes in a more complete and unveiled way. One experience that I have loved has been my wive's newly detailed sexual history. Her numbers have not changed, since meeting i have known that she has had a fairly modest amount of encounters. Including me she has give **** to three other guys and only gone all the way with one serious ex-boyfriend. That's four men total, for those keeping score. Previously she had mentioned that only one guy was longer than me and that her ex-boyfriend was smaller than me. Well, now that she knows that I have a thing for cuckolding/SPH she has definitely become more precise with her estimates of size. I am the smallest of all that she has seen. Her ex was 6" (she says she measured) the other two guys were 7.5" and 9" according to her estimation. About two months ago (after some great sessions of verbal SPH role playing) i forced her hand by claiming to be average, she demanded i get a ruler for proper measurement. I stand at 4.75 on a good day. Her seeing that daylight between the tip of my **** and the five inch mark on the ruler truly made her day. Ever since that undeniable evidence of my lack of size she has really ramped up our roleplaying, going as far as admitting that this is no longer a game for her. She is an insatiable size queen and I love it.

Thanks - first story, will add more about my experiences with and without my hotwife.
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so hot add please