Waiting In The Motel Room For My Wife

I don't remember a thing about the next forty-five minutes or so except that my thoughts were filled with visions of my naked wife cavorting with another man in our bed. I pictured his glee when he found that her ***** lips were shaved. I pictured his bliss as my wife's expert tongue washed over the head of his hard ****. I pictured Bridgett's sigh as she felt her ***** lips being forced open by only the second **** she'd known in her whole life. I pictured their mutual passion as he filled my wife with a load of his hot ***.

I was roused from my trance by someone tugging on my arm. "Honey, I'm back," I heard a voice saying. "Are you all right?" she went on to ask.
"Huh?" I grunted as I suddenly came to. "Oh, hi. You back already?" I said groggily.
"Yes, I'm back and I'm sorry that it took a little longer than I expected, but are you OK?" Bridgett asked again.
"Sure, I'm fine. Did you have a good time?"
"Yes, it was felt sort of strange at first doing something like that, but once I got into it, it was fun. I hope you're not upset with me for it," my wife whispered in my ear.
"Does this look like I'm upset?" I said as I pointed to my hard ****.
"It sure doesn't. I hope you save that thought for later tonight," Bridgett concluded. "Do you mind if I dance some more?"
After several more dances Bridgett came back to the table as a DJ put on a slow dance. She took my hand to pull me up to dance with her. "It's your turn, mister," she said as she led me to an open spot on the floor.
"Tony, I'm really sorry for leaving you alone so much. I feel kinda guilty about that."
"Don't worry about it," I assured her again. "Actually I get a strange sort of kick out of seeing the men get so excited about dancing with you."
"Some of them have been more excited than you think," she said. "I'm surprised how often I've noticed lumps in guy's pants. Most of them are pretty embarrassed about them too. I must admit they don't bother me though. In fact, it's pretty flattering to know that I have that effect on them."
"Speaking of lumps," I responded, "did you have fun taking care of Arthur's lump?"
"Yes, like I said, once I got over being nervous about it, we had fun. Oh, and by the way, you'll be relieved to know that although there's a big wet spot, it's all on my side of the bed."
"He came a lot?" I asked.
"We both came twice," Bridgett replied. "I've never known a man to get hard again so fast. Maybe that's part of his charm," she said with a laugh. "Anyway I want you to know that he made me *** two times.  I guess I'm spoiled, but at least I think I finally got me out of his system...and him out of mine."
"Good, and as you can tell, hearing you talk about it gives me a lump too." I pressed my hard **** against Bridgett as I pulled her too me. "I hope you'll be up to taking care of that problem later."
"For sure," my wife replied, "but there is something I wanted to ask you. Would you think I'm a **** if I said I wanted to do it one more time?"
"Neil?" I asked.
"Umhm," she replied. "He had a pretty big lump when we were dancing and I mentioned to him that maybe tonight I'd like to finish what we started more than twenty years ago. I thought the guy was going to have a stroke right here on the dance floor, he got so excited. Would you mind if I did him too?"
"Anything still goes," I replied as I felt my **** jerk at the thought. "You still have the key."
"Yes, but this time we'll go to his room. His wife isn't here with him. I thought about using our room again, but the bed definitely looks like someone got laid in it, and I don't want Neil to get the idea that I'm a ****. Understand?"
"Yes, I agree," I said as the DJ changed the tempo. "Go have a good time. I'll see you in a bit. I love you." We kissed before my wife left to spend some time in bed with the second man she'd been with this evening.
This time Bridgett was gone for more than an hour. Most of the crowd had already left for private parties, and the DJ had just called for the last dance when she came back to the table. This time she was smiling but she looked more like she'd just been up to something. Her makeup was smeared and her skirt was badly wrinkled..
"Hi sweetheart," I greeted her. "I guess I don't have to ask if you had a good time. It shows."
"Do I look really terrible?" Bridgett asked. "I did my best to get myself back together, but my makeup is in our room and I was afraid that if I took time to go touch up, the party would be over and you'd be here waiting by yourself. Let's just go upstairs before I run into anyone. OK? I'm sorry."
"Oh, don't worry about it. I hope you had fun."
"Yes, it was a lot of fun. I'll tell you about it on the way to the room," Bridgett said as we got up to leave.
As we walked into the lobby and took the elevator to our floor, Bridgett gave me a blow-by-blow and stroke-by-stroke recount of her time with her old high school flame. "The reason I was gone so long and look like such a mess is that we did it the first time in the back seat of his car...you know, for old time's sake. He was even going to drive out to the gravel pit until I told him it was closed off. We just stayed out in the parking lot instead. It was really exciting. I thought Betty and Jack Martins were going to see us because they walked by while we were doing it. I don't think they did though."
"I'll bet Betty would really be pissed if she knew that you were screwing the men in the class when they probably won't even give her the time of day anymore," I said with a laugh. "That would be poetic justice, I guess." My **** got hard again as I pictured my wife getting ****** in the back seat of her old boyfriend's car, and possibly being seen doing it.
"After we'd done it once there, we came back in and went up to Neil's room. Then we did it again...twice. I don't know what caused it, but I've never seen men get hard so often as those two did tonight."
"That's easy to explain," I replied. "It only happens to men who are with an extremely sexy and attractive woman. You really got both of them excited. Both men had a night with you that they'll never forget, but neither one will ever have another one like it."
"Thanks sweetheart. You make the slutty way I've behaved tonight seem almost noble. I'll just accept your gallant explanation. It makes me feel a lot better about things."
The elevator door opened on our floor, and we practically ran down the hall to our room. "I think you owe me this last dance," I said as we closed the door to our room.
"You're right, sweet husband," she agreed as she knelt before me, took my hard **** out of my pants and sucked it into her mouth. She stopped just before I came, and we quickly undressed and hopped into bed.
I always eat Bridgett before we **** so I started to do so again. She tried to stop me saying she was a mess "down there" but I persisted. I admit I felt some trepidation as my tongue first entered her messy, *** filled slit, but I found the sensation of eating her after other men had ****** her to be wildly erotic. The taste of *** mixed with Bridgett's own ***** juices was remarkably appealing as well.
I could have gone on for a long time loving my wife's **** with my tongue, but she pulled me away saying "I need to be ******. Tony, please **** me." I obliged her and was able to make her *** once before I shot her full of one more load of hot ***. Within minutes Bridgett fell asleep. I laid awake for quite awhile as visions of Bridgett and her two lovers of the night bounced around in my head. It had been a landmark evening in our relationship, and I wondered where tonight's breakthrough might lead.
The next morning Bridgett woke up with a case of morning-after guilt. It took me a while to convince her that I wasn't upset with her about what had happened last night. Finally she felt better and was even able to laugh about how silly it felt for a thirty-eight year old woman to be having sex in the back seat of a car. "If you'd told me before we left home that'd I be doing that, even with my own husband, I'd have said you were nuts. It sure was fun though," my wife finally admitted. "Next time I try it, I'm going to wear something more comfortable than a tight skirt."
"It was spectacular. I've never had such a wonderful time," he answered. "How about you two?"
"Hi darling," she said breathlessly. "Did I miss anything?"
"Not much," I replied. "Who was the lucky guy this time?" I asked with a smile.
"Well, you'll never guess," she replied. Bridgett didn't seem the least bit concerned that I had figured out what she'd been doing. I liked that.
"You're right," I replied. "How about a hint?"
"Well," she began obviously ignoring my comment, "Jack Martins saw Neil and me together last night. First he saw us as we left the hotel to go to his car. Then he recognized my red blazer when he and Betty walked past Neil's car.
"'Bridgett,' he said, that sure looked like you two were having fun out there in the parking lot. I sure would love to have some fun like that too. I don't think you'd want a nice guy like Tony to know what his wife was doing while he was cooling his heels in the ballroom, now would you?'"
"What did you say to him?" I asked.
"I said well, Jack, as a matter of fact Tony knows all about it so don't worry about being burdened with some sensitive secret. I wouldn't think of cheating on my husband and not telling him about it.' You should have seen the look on his face. It was priceless. I got sort of mad for a minute thinking that he wanted to blackmail me into having sex with him. Then an evil thought popped into my head. I had the perfect chance to get even with a classmate for the rotten way she's always treated me, and to have some fun of my own in the process."
"I said Jack, I won't do that sort of thing with a guy because he tries to blackmail me into it, but I will do it if I think the guy is worth *******. Where would you like to do it?' His jaw hit the floor and I thought for a minute he might have a heart attack from the shock, but he recovered quickly. We took off for the gym because he remembered seeing some wrestling mats there. That's were we did it."
"Wow!" was all I could say. My **** sprang to life as I followed Bridgett's account, and as we entered the room for our first sample class the bulge in my pants must have been visible. I quickly found an empty seat and sat down. I don't recall a thing about the class. I kept visualizing Bridgett's encounter with the homecoming queen's husband.
Nothing more happened for the rest of the day. The official functions of the reunion ended mid-afternoon on Saturday, but there as an informal pizza party Saturday night which many of us from out of town attended. The Martins were there and I chatted with Jack but no mention was made of his tryst with my wife. He did reiterate his earlier comment that she was a very attractive woman.
The next morning as we were packing and getting ready to leave, the phone rang. A man's voice asked "is Bridgett there?" I handed the phone to my wife.
"Oh, hi Bob...we're getting ready to check out now but we plan to have breakfast first. Actually our plane doesn't leave until after noon...oh, heavens, I don't know about doing that" she replied as her face turned bright red. "Just a sec," she continued. Then she put her hand over the phone.
"Sweetheart, Neil wants to know if he and I could get together for a bit before we leave. Would you mind? I know the reunion's over and all."
I smiled as I thought for a moment. "Go ahead," I acquiesced. "The anything goes' applies to the whole weekend as far as I'm concerned and the weekend isn't over yet. When we get home we'd better talk about it again though. OK?"
"You sure?" she asked. "I don't mind saying no. I've had my fling with Neil. I'll understand."
"If you'd like to go, go. It's up to you."
Well, my wife and Neil spent another hour together while I checked out and read the Sunday paper in the coffeeshop. When she came in to get me she was wearing a big smile again, but apparently she wasn't wearing part of her normal apparel.
"Sweetheart, would you mind if I got in my suitcase?" she asked.
"No. Why?" I asked.
"I need another pair of panties," she replied as she blushed.
"I gave my other ones to Neil as a souvenir...silly, huh?" I laughed and went to get her suitcase.
I had a hard-on the entire flight home. Bridgett gave me even more detailed accounts of each of her reunion unions. After that we talked about how we each felt about her temporary freedom and decided two things.
First, although we both greatly enjoyed what happened, we don't want to do anything like that at home. There are too many complications and risks involved.
Second, we will make it a point at least once a year to get away where we can do it. Next time we'll try it for a week.
"I can't wait," Bridgett said as we got off the plane.
I can't wait either.
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Dec 9, 2012