Wifes 1st Spanking Before We Met

Before wife and i met and 1st few years we were together she had a bigtime fetish for getting spanked. She found out she had this fetish when she was around 14. She was going to the house of one of her regular f***k buddies. As usual she was only girl. She was a young blonde who looked older than her age with ghetto booty and big boobs with 5 black guys all in there young 20's. The place was a beat up 2 bedroom apartment with no doors on the bedrooms that are connected to living room where they all hung out. She went into a bedroom with her f***k buddy and got naked. She said they did everything and she knew the other guys were peeping in time to time watching. When they were almost done she was in doggie style position and why he was slamming her he started spanking her very very loud and hard. She said she came harder than she ever had before. She said they were done and they got dressed and went to hang out with the others in the livin room. One of the guys friends mentioned how he heard the loud smacks on her butt. The guy she had just had sex with bragged to the other 4 guys that she can take being spanked hard better than anyone. So after a while they all asked her to prove it. So she simply dropped her shorts and panties off and bent over arm of couch. She said they all had clothes hangers and belts and they used there hands and took turns spanking her. She said she had welps and even a little blood. She said she was so wet. Then the guy she did earlier got behind her with his friends right there and did her hard why she was bent over couch. The other guys took turns spanking her why he rammed her. She said she came even harder that time. She said she stayed bottomless the last hour or so she was there and whenever she walked by one of them smacked her butt. After that day she loved to be spanked and even bought whips.
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i came to this one

I have many times. It 100% true. U had similar experience or do u want too?