She Did It Without A Condom

My wife always told me she used a condom with here previous boyfriends.

Last night, her story changed.  She said that her steady bf, who she had a hot passionate relationship with, used to *** in her always.

She was on the pill and she would visit his house.  They did it a lot and never used condoms.

A lot of the time she just went over to f him and they didn't even make it to the bedroom.

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Yes, and yes, lately...

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5 Responses Feb 9, 2010

That is so hot isn't it.

I love when my wife tells me about when her past boyfriends would *** in her.

At one time, before we met, my wife used the diaphragm as means of birth control. She has told me stories of how on a few occasions she "didn't have time" to put it in. She says she actually felt excited about taking a chance. In the early 80's condoms took the place of her diaphragm, but she did "bare back" every once in awhile. Her words.

I hope you and she "fail" to make it to the bedroom from time to time!

You are a lucky man! Are condoms missing from your relationship too?