Random Things

I like getting flowers

I like to bump into to people and have them apologize.

I like discovering a new band.

I like hearing a song you haven't thought about in years.

I like swimming all day.

I like watching movies that inspire me.

I like when I get compliments.

I like bumping into people that smell nice.

I like it when I go to thrift stores and find cool vintage tee's.

I like when I have to dress up for something.

I like when my mom makes brownies at Thanksgiving.

I like when I find artwork from second grade.

I like when my room is clean.

I like when I receive gifts for no reason other than someone was thinking of me.

I like when I fall asleep feeling content.

I like it when I'm in a good mood for no reason.


nonsensical28 nonsensical28
18-21, F
May 2, 2007