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Old Men At The Senior Center

My wife volunteers at the local Senior Center twice a month and always wears a skirt when visiting . Never too short but just enough above the knee to make it exciting when she sits down and crosses her legs. She gets a lot of attention from the older men and they seem to follow her around wherever she goes. She was helping decorate for a Thanksgiving Party and had to step up onto a short ladder to hang decorations. She had on a dark skirt, dark pantyhose and boots and a black sweater, she looked very hot. More than one old guy came over to help and she knew they were trying to look up her skirt especially when she reached up over her head. One guy even volunteered to hold the ladder and Im sure it was for a better vantage point to check out her legs from behind. After they followed her around like puppy dogs they offered her a drink for the holidays and she accepted. When she sat on the couch most of them sat across from her and she knew exactly what they were looking at. Hoping for a slow crossing or uncrossing of her legs and maybe a panty peek. After 2 drinks she told me she felt tipsy and 2 of the old men, one 78 and the other 81, asked if she would like to shoot some pool in the basement. She said okay but when she went downstairs it was only the 3 of them, no women or anyone else. They racked up the balls and told her to break and as she bent over to shoot the cue they were both standing behind her watching as her pleated skirt climbed up the back of her legs. After she broke the rack they told her that was great and I'm sure they were talking about the view. Two minutes later one of the staff called her and as she climbed the stairs both old guys were standing at the bottom looking directly up her skirt. She got a little nervous and that was the end of the basement pool game. I'm sure if they kept her down there a bit longer and gave her another drink they might have tried playfully groping her and maybe even get a hand up her skirt and grab some of that pantyhose covered *****. After a couple of drinks she does loosen up a little and this is what the old geezers were hoping for. Getting some of that 44 year old married ***** was the only reason they brought her down the basement. Don't you think.
shortskirtlover007 shortskirtlover007 56-60, M 10 Responses Dec 5, 2012

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I would love for you to I seduce her...flirt with her and try to get her sweet panties off!!!

That would be hot and I would certainly hope that you would succeed

I would like to have some 44 yr old married *****!!! :)

Would you let me watch while you seduced her?

I am sure they were after her *****

I can't blame them. How would you like to be in their shoes.

Has your wife been with any other men?

not sure but if she has I don't know about it, would you enjoy chasing my wife if you could

Don't know what she looks like, but she sounds hot, so offhand I'd say yes. Got any pics to share?

What is there to think, don't we men know the cornering mode.

how would you like to be down there with her, would you have handled it differently

I would have feigned dizziness and got her to attend to me and groped her silly and she may just give in.

that would be hot, her bending over you while you're on the floor and the next think she knows your hand is up her skirt and you have a handful of her *****, maybe discovering that she is a little damp

What's with all the clothes - relatively short skirt for modesty sake around the gossiping jealous ladies and at the most knee high socks-NO panties- if she is a true exhibishionist then she wants to be seen.


think she was wonderful to be so nice.

I could do with some of that right now!

would you be able to get my wife, dressed like that this morning for work, ready for your big uncut ****

I would certainly try and I guess I would succeed!
But might just have to **** her before I dressed her.

are you confident that you could seduce her and get your **** into her

Yes I think so.
my **** is hard at the thought of it!

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We are going to visit my wifes uncle in the home next week .I will get my wife to dress very sexy for the old guys.Thanks for the great idea

our neighbor, he's a 79 year old widower, is always stoping by to chat with my wife and she actually loves his company but on more than one occasion I caught him trying to peek up her skirt, she thinks I'm crazy and after a drink or two her skirt climbs higher and she usually dosen't notice but my neighbor certainly does, I've heard that he mentioned to one of his buddies that he would love to have sex with my wife, I'll have to send her over to his house after she's had a few and wearing one of her short skirts and borrow something, I'm sure he'll invite her in and offer her a drink and you never know, some of these old guys are incredibly horny and it excites me to know that he wants to **** my much younger wife