Maybe My Mom Likes It?

My mother and I were going to visit a cousin who just had a baby yesterday. Mom got to my house this morning because we were going to ride together. I had pooped in my underwear before I took a shower that morning, and had decided to wear a pair of GoodNites after showering.
When mom got to my house she said, "Since we're taking my car, I'd prefer if you wore a pair of your PullUps. I know you don't go to the bathroom in your pants in public, but I'd just prefer it to keep my car cleaner." I laughed and told her I already had a pair on. She said she couldn't even tell, and suggested I go potty before we even left the house. I tod her I would, and then had an idea.
"Mom," I said. "You seem to be awfully aware of MY bathroom habits, now that you know I like going in my pants...have you ever paid attention to YOUR bathroom habits that closely?" She looked confused, so I said, "You really should try going in your pants sometime. Just let a few dribbles out in your underwear after you pee in the toilet. I think you'd be surprised at how nice and relaxing it can be. I'll even give you a PullUp if you're interested." with that, I left the room and went into my bedroom to hide by the bed and pee in my GoodNites. After a nice wetting, I changed into a dry PullUp and returned to the living room.
Neither of us said anything more about peeing until after we'd seen Holly and her baby and were out at lunch. Mom excused herself to use the restroom. In her car on the way home, I swear I smelled the faintest hint of wet underwear...and I KNOW it wasn't mine, because I had on a PullUp that was still dry. I REALLY wanted to ask my mom if she'd tried dribbling in her undies, but I didn't want to embarass her. I know that peeing in your pants can be a very private thing, especially when you first get into it.
Any ideas on how I could further convince my mom to go in her pants? Or how can I ask her if she's tried without scaring her off from it?

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1 Response Sep 15, 2012

Put a diaper on her bed and leave a note saying try me