I Didn't Make On Time : Sarah

Youtube Video : Sarah (indian Girl) Holding Pee For 28 Minutes Double Crossing Legs {female Desperation}

By: Me

Written on September 20th, 2012

Sarah (Indian Girl) in new hostel room. She is desperate to pee. She wakeup and rush for toilet. But door lock is Jam. It's holidays and everyone else is on vacation, she has no choice other then try and try again.She is full bladder and desperate to Pee. She has no other choice then to wait for someone who come and unlock door. She is holding pee Double Crossing legs and grabbing crotch. She is waiting there for all 28 minutes, she tried to open door many times but door lock is totally jam. After 27 minutes, it was almost uncontrollable and she doing PEE DANCE. Finally at a moment she could able to open door. She rush inside but she loose control and Pee there in standing, wetting her panty, legs and floor. Then she removed her frock and panty and changed dress.
This youtube video is just trailer.

Full video download link. 
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31-35, F
Sep 20, 2012