More Than Anything

there is nothing i want more than to see the woman or man of my dreams say they have to go to the bathroom and then squat down right where they are and let it all go in their pants. i dream about it all the time, and even the thought of that happpening makes me horny.

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I can do that for you!

hey message me i think you have added me already i want to talk to u;)

read my story.

Letting it all go in your pants is the greatest pleasure of all time! Enjoy it and if you want to enjoy it with a good friend just let me know.

Would love to see you wet. Maybe we could wet together naked.

can do,ill stark drinking now!lol wish you could see my wetting today!,even morewish ud be here to make me hold it

There is something special about wetting as a deliberate act, just nonchalantly, in the middle of doing something else.<br />
<br />
I really enjoy the freedom I have gained where I just wet myself when I want to pee, and I would so love to see someone else enjoying the same - just letting some pee run down her legs under her skirt as if it was the normal thing to do then carry on as if nothing had happened.<br />
<br />

I have never squatted, but I have peed my pants while sitting..Feels so good..

I squat when I peepee and poopoo myself that way the peepee makes a bigger wet spot.I like seeeing the reactions of women when I peepee my pants skirt or whatever.I sometimes wear micro minis just so I can show off my wet popooed panties.I feel white shows off poopoo the best wear as pink cotton shows of peepee the best.I also love wearing diapers then only I know that I peepee and poopoopmyself.When I go to buy a short dresss I almost always "forget" to pullthe dress al the way down giving the girl who is selling me the dress a nice view of my diaper.Once when she saw it she hiked up my skirt then told me she would like me to walk around in just my diapers,I always wear at least 2,and bra so I did she invite a friend over to the store and when she saw my diaper peepeed herself fotuneatly the florr was clean and I grabbed my straw,which I always have for when I want to drink peepee and don`t have my baba with me.then the girl who owned the store asked if i would like to drink her peepeee too to whichly eagerly said yeesssss so she pulled out a very large glass which she filled without even pulling down her panties.then her friend and I shared the peepee.the first girl then went behind the counter got some rubber pants stridown to her dripping wet panties and bra and said if you can be comfortable so shall i.we alll were just like that all day customers coming and seeeing us just like that we said it`s the company uniform. the girls kept on peeeing themselves alll day long,but alas i could only drink so much.

I'm probably not the man of your dreams, but I think I would do that for you.

You should be licked while peeing. What a rush. Try it.

The thought makes me horney too, watching it happen is something else! Love it! ;-P

if my girlfriend ever wanted me to do that I would definately do that for her... even if we were just friends

I pissed a pair of jeans on webcam once - it was a total thrill, doing that and broadcasting it too. Then I jacked off, and came on the same jeans - ahhh.

I know the feeling. I just came back from an excercise walk, had to pee and leaked in my pants. I decided what the hell and started peeing in them. I stopped, got on line here and I've just totally wet myself whilst on line, It's incredible