Women In Plastic Panties

ok this isnt really a story. more of a question? why is there not more women who love to wear plastic panties. it would be such a turn on to see pics of women, not naked, but just wearing a bra and nice tight plastic panties. now nothing against all you guys out there, i will admit i love to look at men in plastic pants also. actually just pics of even just the pants turn me on. i used to get all wet looking at all the different brands online, infact om getting wet rite now just writing about it.anyway im off topic here, anyway if there are any women out there in plastic panties please share with us
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I do.

When I got home one day I saw my plastic pants on the bed.She came in.What are thy for.I told her I had a fetich for them.She walked out of bedroom.I did not know what to do all day.When got into bed at night she said I love you.She put my hand down.She had plastic pants on.We now play Evey night. I got lucky.That was 10 years ago Now she buys what she likes to see me in online.God bless Gerber.

you are so lucky

There are 100's of pics of chicks in plastic. Bing images. I know a few women who enjoy wearing plastic panties during foreplay.


if you watch men w--king in plastic pants **** they nearly all use lube if they were plastic lovers they would not need it because of precum to make it very slippery

couldnt agree more

We just added each other... enjoy: my wifes wears just like me... we are both lovers and lucky..

I think the whole nappy thing ius more male orientated than women. There are women wearing nappies and plastic pants I'm sure but most don't broadcast it.