Plastis Pants Fantasy

Hi Friends

I am a 54 year old male plastic pants wearer and have been since 12 years old when i used Kintal baby pants. Alas now they have gone and so has my 32 inch waist.....However I still like wearing a pair of tight plastic pants next to my skin even now as i am while typing this story. You may find it strange but i like to fantasize about things i can do with or in them like where they might split filiing them with stuff like beans custard etc to bursting point watching them bulge down between my legs then around my tummy. Also I fantasize about putting holes in them with a pin or my finger or a friend doing it... strange i know but I still like wearing tight plastic pants even under a short pair of shorts bending over exposing the pants at the back in front of a mirror. If anyone has a similar story please send to me ......oh my pants are quite slippery now as i sit squirming in them thinking about this, hope you like this story .

Yours in Plastic Pants   Terry

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i love too wear em all the time

convertible67 Go 4 it and tell me about it . If U live near me we can do it together !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kintal were my first addiction... Saw them in a women's shop in London - the kind of shop where you'd find knitting wool, ribbon... and plastic baby panties. The Kintal plastic baby panties were displayed in the window! Fluffed up, legs pointing at me... invitingly... and the Kintal box behind. Could I resist? I saved up my pocket-money and ventured in one brave late afternoon... I haven't looked back since! <br />
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I agree close fitting plastic panties are fantastically slippery and exciting. For me, this lead to a naughty guilt and seeking out a domme wife to deal with me.<br />
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When did you have your last pair of Kintals?<br />
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Terry : Try dropping a load in them and ware them 4 a day or 2 , slip sliding all the way !!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Joe B.

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i love your story and i love the feel of plastic pants on my skin. i started with gerbers, they were so tight i used to soap them to get them on. ive now found a brand that looks and feels the same. i wear really thight ones when horny semi tight all day and loose fitting ones to bed at nite, i love it when they get all wet reading the stories here, then go to bed all slippery