A Naughty, Dirty Little Boy In Plastic Panties

baby panties first seduced me back around 11 yrs old. i began noticing them on washing lines! and i began looking at them too. the thrill of sneaking out at night and "borrowing" a pair was too much for me, so i saved up my pocket money and bought my very first pair. (btw, i always returned the borrowed pairs after cleaning them.)

i wore and used Kintal XL baby panties, which tells you i was quite small and slim. although i had girlfriends, i never gave up the panties. then i met a girl and felt so drawn to her i had to tell her about it. when she heard she just laughed and told me to get them. she asked me where i got them, and i'll remember that afternoon always. she told me to undress and took my wrist and drew me over her lap, on the comfy bed. she spanked me and asked me questions about the panties. she had put them by my face. when she'd heard enough she said "you really are a silly little boy, aren't you?" and with that pulled the plastic baby panties up my legs.

she became my mistress and later my wife.

although she lead me towards submission, slavery and more bdsm - which suited her wish for me to serve her, and which i was very pleased to do! - she knew that plastic baby panties were always my "little prison", and that i would be the most pliant and docile servant if she kept me in them. i didn't complain!




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Good boy! love your 'little prison' 8)

well, you feel so safe in plastic baby panties - that's sort of like a prison isn't it? glad you liked.

me too i like plastic knikers as well i used to pinch them as well its sutch abuzz i ware them all the time ive got a few pairs