Towel And Plastic Pants

When my wife is away I like to make a nappy using an old towel and plastic pants.  My towel is long pile and very nappyish.  Plastic pants I use are Sandra or Boots or cheap incontinence pants from the internet.  I don't wet, I just enjoy both the cosy feel of the bulge under my pyjama bottoms and the feel of the pvc.

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I would love to own a pair of the boots plastic pants and if anyone can help please contact me

I have a few pairs of Brumas. I remember when I was 12 on my first solo trip in to town and walking through Boots to look at the nappies. i had a double take sort of moment when I saw the Brumas in their packet hung with the other baby products. I was terrified someone was going to see me, but I picked up the packet and read the desc<x>ription. WOW. I can't remember how much they cost, but I know I only had £2.00 and a bus ticket home, so I saved my £2 for the following week and went back to buy them. I was bright red whilst waiting in the queue and when it was my turn I blurted out that they were for my younger brother, and went a shade redder. I paid and left by the back doors. I made my way to the market toilets and in to a cubicle. Normally I hated to go in these toilets as they were not very clean, but I was soon ******** off and pulling the plastic pants up my legs. They fit perfectly.

******** is undressed (stri pp ed).

And I forgot to say that I later found out that Brumas were made by a company in Ashton under Lyne by Synrein Plastics. They still make plastic pants. I had some a few years ago, but they quality was poor and the stitched seems came undone quite easily.

Hi - good comment. Can you message me please Norbert as I cannot message you for some reason.

excellent story - very similar to my experiences!

I really envy you guys over in the UK. I don't know of but one or two pharmacies that you can go into here in the states where you could purchase adult size plastic pants. Certainly there's no department stores that sell them. You can get plastic diapers just about anywhere, but not plastic panties. In fact, baby plastic pants are just about becoming a thing of the past. I could wear the Extra Large, Super size of Woolworths (Empire) Baby Pants as a young adult (into my early 20's). I was small and thin for my age. That was the last large department store that had plastic pants. Five and dime stores quit selling them years before that. I miss getting to go in and pick out my own pair of plastic pants, even if they had only one style and color. When I get the chance to come over for a visit, I'm going to find a pharmacy (chemist, as you like to call them) that has them and buy a half dozen pairs, if nothing more than to say, I can still buy them in a store.

I didn't think the Sandra pants were much good with nappies, they are not wide enough in the crotch. Better of with Robinsons pants or Nice diaper/Fuu Buu on ebay

I remember the Boots Brumas pants. When I got too big to wear the plastic pants that I bought from Woolworth's the Brumas pants were my salvation. I can't say that I had fond memories of them as I recall that they were sewn, tended to come apart (perhaps I stretched them too much) and they had a fairly rough surface.<br />
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Robinsons Incopants were superb! I bought many pairs. They were all welded and delightfully smooth. I still have a few pairs that I wear occasionally and one pair that I have messed into mmmm. You used to be able to go into 'disabled living' type shops and buy them over the counter but that seems more difficult now - or is it just easier to use the web. I don't think that the modern Robinsons pants are so smooth. But it depends on what you want.

I have brought some great pairs of plastic pants from the internet , but Ive had to collect from one supplier due to the fact I didnt want my wife to see ,or know Ive brought some . But I am looking for more pairs { collecting them } Do sex shops sell them ? or is there any Shops that sell Plastic Pants over the Counter , eg Boots ect . I would love to find out can anybody advise me please .

Yes I've had many pairs of Boots Brumas. My first pairs must have been early 1980's they had a label inside and they were huge! Later they were made without the label and slightly smaller but still good. I still have a pair of the later ones but I certainly couldn't get in them now.<br />
I used to be fascinated by the larger sizes and I took records which I have in the form of a (written) table, I must get round to publishing

When I was in my teens we found we could get a brand of kids' plastic pants from Boots that fitted teens and smaller adults. They were called Brumas XXXL. Although they were always in the baby pants section, I'm fairly sure they were worn by teens who'd made the same discovery.

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yes I've always liked the Sandra pants, the fact that they made baby pants exactly the same material with the word Sandra embossed on them here and there excited me. They also made sanitary period pants for women which were just cloth knickers with a plastic crotch lining again that same plastic as the baby pants and inco pants. They were always made by Henleys of Hornsey but yes I had noticed that they are just called Henleys now. Also the material has changed to a thicker clear PVC. Still have 'proper' elastic edges though, the pants with those cloth type waistbands although supposedly higher class are just not like the pants we wore as kids!<br />
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Robinsons pants ARE still available, the company is Robinsons of Chesterfield or maybe Robinson Care now.

Ah, Sandras were for long the default plastic pants in the UK. They certainly helped keep my bed dry in my teenage years. They're not called Sandras now though, but are just called Henleys plastic pants. I think they were afraid the name Sandra gave the impression they were mainly for women. I also used to like Robinsons (not the jam, the plastic pants) as they looked cuter and the plastic was a bit thicker. They don't seem to be around now.